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Raccoon In My Yard/Landscape Testimonials

Raccoon In My Garden/Flowerbed

Raccoon In My Yard/Landscape

Raccoon Under My House/Shed

Raccoon In My Pool/Pond

Raccoon On My Roof

Critters Stay Where They Belong
Our backyard is full of critters and we have a family (5) of raccoons that come inside our porch through the cat door and eat the cat’s food. I went on-line and found your product. I sprinkled some outside the porch and it keeps them from coming inside. Thanks
Paul Kelly – Elmwood Park, NJ

No More Muddy Foot Prints
My problem for years has been raccoons. Muddy foot prints on the white fence, holes in the yard where they would look for grub and the annual stripping of the fruit trees just as the fruit would ripen. Just last week I was five feet from a family of five eating plums from my tree. After a few minutes of applying Shake-Away, I have not seen or heard from a raccoon. They are gone and I am more than pleased.
Paul Engell – Seattle, WA

The Invasion of the Raccoon
All Fall & Winter a raccoon invaded my very small, fenced in terrace. Over the course of a few weeks it had “played” with glass pebbles, knocked over plants and a sculpture, and proceeded to shred $800 of custom cushions for rocking chairs, as well as the heavy duty covers. In the spring I paid a trapper who came for over a week and was unable to trap it. My neighbor and I were despairing. We tried “Shake-Away” and it worked! New raccoons have arrived – and we continue to use it.
G. Leeds – Washington, D.C.

Local Raccoon Finds Dinner Elsewhere
This past winter we began feeding fruit to the local mocking bird via our deck. On a couple of occasions we left the fruit out overnight and the local raccoon discovered what was left. Unfortunately, he also decided to relieve himself on the deck. We stopped leaving the fruit out overnight. However, he continued to check for food and each time relieved himself in the same spot. I researched raccoons on the Internet and found your product. After one application we didn’t see any activity for a week. However, he returned. I sprinkled your product around my deck again and continued the practice every few days for a couple of weeks. Now I only sprinkle the product once every two to three weeks and our problem seems to be solved.
C. Kirk Gaut – Fenton, MO

Plants are Now Happy & Grown Back
Raccoon problems! We live in Southern California & have a very sheltered, shady & wet side yard that has been recently landscaped. We planted a nice crop of mossy, “Baby Tears” that until now has been virtually destroyed by a rampaging raccoon. When he struck, the ground cover & surrounding plants were ripped out of the ground. After 3 of his visits (always after replanting & regrowth), we found your product. Now our plants are happy & grown back, our bird bath is not filled with mud & the raccoon is gone with minimal effort and an awesome “Critter Repellent.” Thanks!
Julia Peterson – Laguna Niguel, CA

Pleasantly Surprised
I did not want to write anything, until I was sure the product worked. I feed outdoor cats & almost on a nightly basis, their food was eaten by raccoons. I had tried a different product & it did not work, so, I was so pleasantly surprised to see Shake Away Really works. I would love for my neighbors to use this product also, so, I wouldn’t hear their dogs barking at raccoons all night. I guarantee if you have a raccoon problem, sprinkle some shake away around & your problem is gone!
Vicki Blumberg, Savanna, GA

Critters Still Have Their Home
I work for a couple living in an exclusive marsh area of the intercoastal waterway in Porte Vedra Beach, Florida. The bird feeders kept coming up empty and knocked down due to 3 raccoons on their nightly visits. Wanting to leave the animals in their natural habitat and also feed the influx of birds this time of year, a local animal trapper advised me of your products. I have followed the instruction on your package, and have not had any other visits and the critters still have their home. Thank you!!
Karla Bailey – Ponte Vedra, Fl
Problem Has Disappeared

I have a new lawn built two months ago. The new pieces of sod had been turned over by raccoons almost every night. I tried many ways including chemicals, ultrasonic, sensing light, and even big nails. Raccoons still visited frequently and the new lawn became a total mess! I was very frustrated before trying your product. It’s amazing that after applying the Shake – Away the long-lasting problem has disappeared. I am so happy and sincerely appreciated.
Bin Yu – Cupertino, CA

Happy Customer
Living on a canyon, I was having a terrible problem with raccoons. They were getting into everything, the damage was extensive. Being an animal lover, I didn’t want to harm these scoundrels, just be rid of them around my home! Luckily I discovered “” Since using “Shake-Away” Deer & Large Animal Granules, my raccoon problem has disappeared! Let’s see what “Rodent Granules” can do about my mole issue?!
Scott Ghahary – San Diego, CA

When all else failed, Shake-Away to the Rescue
I live next to a creek and wilderness area and just put in new sod in my back yard. Immediately my sod was rolled up and moved by raccoons. I tried pesticides, odorants, noises, water, lights and even our own dog. Nothing kept them away. I found your site on the web and after one treatment around the perimeter I have had no further damage to my sod.
Scott Mueller – Granite Bay, CA

Shake-Away Stopped Them in Their Tracks
Raccoons were taking over the entire yard, which was fenced in. They would climb the fence knock over bird baths, pull down bird feeders and mess up pond rocks & plants. They are very braizing animals and will stop at nothing. Shake-Away seems to be the answer after years of trying home remedies.
Doretta La Bianca – Port St. Lucie, FL

Skeptic Turned Believer
I was skeptical when I received the product, but followed the directions. We had a family of raccoons which had taken up residence in our back yard. I have a small dog that tangled with a large one so I became concerned. I contacted animal control and they just gave me suggestions for ammonia – when this didn’t solve the problem I found Shake-Away. I put around my pool area (they’re drinking source) and this seems to have eliminated their need for water here. I feel much safer letting my dog out to roam without the fear of him encountering another one. Neighbors should be ordering from you soon as I have spread the word of your wonderful product.
Kevin Smith – Lakewood, WA

One-Way Ticket
I have a big raccoon problem. I live in NY. They made an overhead train to JFK airport and it drove the raccoons to find a new home. I had a big family, 2 big ones with 6 little ones. The neighbors got together and rented a trap. We got rid of them and put them in a swamp area near my house. Now they are back. I planted some sod and everyday like clock work they come to eat their worms. I even put sod staples to hold the sod down. I did not know what to do, I started putting down the granules and keeping my fingers crossed. I put it down a second time. I put it down very heavy. I need my sod to root. I put it down again. I did not see my friends. It was so strong the granules gave me a headache. Four days have passed and no raccoons. Thank God for Critter-Repellent.
Yvonne Brown – Jamaica, NY

I Won the War (The Raccoons against Me)
My yard was being systematically destroyed by a raccoon. Not only was he grubbing under newly planted ground cover, but I had a day lily and Echinacea literally disappear!? When he began leaving bare spots in our lawn, I knew that enough was enough. This was war. I discovered by surfing the web and promptly ordered “Shake-Away” considering it a small investment if it worked. I am pleased to say that after ONE application, the raccoon has not returned. We are entering our third week with NO raccoon, whereas he was visiting our yard every 2-3 days on a regular basis. THANK YOU “Shake-Away”. I have already recommended your product to numerous persons as I was so amazed by its immediate results. Do you have anything that can help rid me of wasps and yellow jackets?
Kerry Avilla – Gilroy, CA

This Rest Area is Closed
I had a raccoon using my yard as his evening toilet. I used your product and he seems to have gone else where. I had tried other ways to get rid of him but nothing worked. I didn’t want to hurt him, so your product is perfect. I’m going to tell others about this. Thanks
Joann Pearson – Catonsville, MD

Finally No deposits - No Return
We have lived in our home for six years and even though it is a very urban area we have had problems with raccoons. Every night anywhere from 3-5 raccoons come through our yard and the breezeway leaving their deposits in 3-4 different areas including on the breezeway. We have used the Shake-Away applying it twice in the first week and have seen no further deposits by the raccoons. This is the first time this summer that we have gone more than 2 days without deposits thanks to Shake-Away.
Gary Hettmansberger – Danville, IL

We Had Nothing to Lose
We had a family of raccoons tearing up the lawn for several years. We tried lights, ordinary raccoon repellent and nothing worked. We found your product and we felt we had nothing to lose at this point. After the first application the raccoons stayed away! We were so excited we are now planning to replace the lawn now that we know the raccoons won’t be back. Thank you so much!
Bing Wong, - Foster City, CA

Nothing Would Scare Them Off – Until Shake-Away
A raccoon family was coming into my yard every night tearing up the grass and ground cover! Nothing would scare them off, until I applied Shake-Away twice and they haven’t been back since (it’s been 2 months). I was also impressed by how quickly I received my order! Thank you.
Heather Lussier – San Carlos, CA

Raccoon Now Has to Find His Own Home
I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product. There is a raccoon that uses my backyard as his bathroom and dining area. Everyday I find his “deposits” and garbage remnants from his night out in my yard. I have tried many other repellent type products in the past with no success.
Three weeks ago I applied the first treatment of your Shake-Away Granules around the perimeter of my yard. There has not been any sign of raccoon activity since. Finally, I have found a product that works as advertised! Thanks
Victor Derrico – Smithtown, NY

No More Trash Pickup
We live outside of Boston, Ma and we were having terrible problems with raccoons. Every morning I’d have to clean up the trash after the raccoons came to our garbage pails. Ever since I used the Deer & Large Animal Granules we haven’t seen a raccoon since. It is a great product.
Diane Greer – Newton, MA

Thanks for a Humane & Safe Product!
I had a problem with raccoons (3) in my back yard. My wife and children were very reluctant to go in the back yard at night. Once I started using the Coyote Granules, we no longer have an issue with raccoons. Thanks for a humane and safe product!
Joe Milligan – Mount Vernon, NY

I Had No Other Option
Raccoons in Santa Monica CA, we had a family of 6 in our back yard. I was desperate and found Shake-Away on the internet. I really didn’t think it was going to work, but I had no other option. It worked and we are so happy that our little raccoon family has left.
Jeff Lisi – Santa Monica, CA

Thanks for the quick Shipping
We had a raccoon(s) digging (tearing up) our landscaping destroying some plants. I tried chicken wire, castor oil, nothing worked. I used Shake-Away Deer & Large Animal Granules and after a few days they went away. Thanks! P.S. Thanks for the quick shipping!
Anthony Barone – Eureka, MO

Bluebirds Are Now Singing Happy Songs  
I have a bluebird trail on my property which consists of about 9 bluebird houses. Last spring, I saw a raccoon trying to reach in one of my houses which contained a mother and her babies. I was able to run him off and immediately began researching the internet for a solution. This is when I discovered your amazing product. I applied the Shake-Away around the base of the pole the house sits on and no more raccoons. I thank you and my bluebirds thank you. Because of your product, 56 bluebird babies made it safely into the world last year. I would recommend Shake-Away to anyone with a raccoon problem!  
Mulligan Chris – Sandston, VA  

Don’t Be Trapped with Useless Traps Use Shake-Away  
For months we were having problems with raccoons digging up our back yard. We tried everything from ammonia clothes to having a professional trapping company trap the raccoons. We trapped nine raccoons. Still the raccoons were destroying our backyard. We felt hopeless! That was until I found your product. What did we have to loose! Within two weeks of using Shake-Away the raccoons stopped destroying the yard! I was amazed. It really did work! Thank goodness for Shake-Away it saved our lawn!  
Stampelas Maria – St. James, NY

A Totally Raccoon-Free Cali After Three
  I would gladly like to write a testimonial for your product. We moved into our California home 4 years ago and for the first 3 years we had a severely annoying problem with raccoons!
After using your product, Shake-Away Deer & Large Animal Repellent, we no longer see or hear them coming around! I would (and have) recommend this to anyone! It is easy to use and safe.  
Kaminskas Ruthie – Del Mar, CA  
No More Presents From Unwanted Visitors  
I had tried a number of things – furniture placed obstructively, an automated sprinkler, and pepper granules. I even tried traps but the raccoons kept coming back and tearing up the plants on the deck and leaving presents hidden in the yard.
After the very first attempt with Shake-Away critter repellent they stopped visiting. It seems that a few granules go a long way.
Imagine my additional delight however when I discovered the raccoons were now tearing up my neighbor’s yard. My neighbor is a moron! Never has there been a more deserving recipient of raccoon’s attention. I’m sorry, I’m simply not telling him about critter repellent.  
Gordon Donald – Austin, TX

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Outside Use
Inside Use

Best Choice For SMALLER Sized:
(Apx 1,500 sq ft)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 1,500 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks when applied as directed

Best Choice For AVERAGE Sized:
(Apx 3,600 sq ft)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 3,600 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks when applied as directed

Best Choice For LARGER Sized:
(Apx 10,000 sq ft)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 10,000 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks when applied as directed**

Inside Use

Best Choice For
SMALLER Homes & Buildings

(Apx up to 1,500 sq. feet)

  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Sheds (in and under)
  • Decks

    Stored Vehicles & RVs
  • Cars and Trucks
  • Other Vehicles
  • Watercraft
  • Motorhomes
  • Trailers

Protects areas up to 1,500 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks
when applied as directed

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