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Rabbit In My Garden/Flowerbed

Rabbit In My Yard/Landscape

Rabbit Under My House/Shed

Our Flowers Are Now Almost Full Grown
I have had a severe rabbit problem in our yard. Every year they would eat the spring flowers and the plants around our pond. Ever since I began using Shake-Away the rabbits have disappeared. Our flowers are now almost full grown and the other plants are blooming. I was astonished at how great our product worked and have recommended it to all my friends and neighbors with gardens. Thanks
Matt Okon – Bolingbrook

My Garden Had Become a Regular Smorgasbord
My garden had become a regular smorgasbord for groundhogs and rabbits over the last 6-7 years. Predictable after going through the whole routine of tiling, weeding, watering, fertilizing, about the only thing I had to show were a few tomatoes, no cabbage, lettuce, spinach. These few product and of my sweat & toil were a small reward for the money and time spent. I’ve tried electric fences to no avail, even tried seeking help from the state game commission and I was about ready to skip the garden and reseed the whole area with grass. My last stop was when I found your website, ordered some Small Critter Granules. I haven’t seen a groundhog in my whole yard much less near my garden. Great product.
Bernard Los – North Huntingdon, PA

After Only One Applicator – THEY’RE GONE!
Problem was rabbits chewing my flower beds to nubs, & squirrels digging up my tulip bulbs for a feast! Every nice day, the “gray-tailed gardener’s (squirrels) were “out” cavorting and CHEWING! After only one applicator – THEY’RE GONE! All I see now (rarely) are some apprehensive looking chipmunks! Thank you!
Suzann Slapkus – Lafayette Hill, PA

Now the Groundcover Even Has Flowers
We live in a very rural area of New Mexico adjacent to a national forest and our land is frequented by deer and rabbits. For years we have tried to grow various trees and groundcovers but the animals that roam our property are constantly eating them. I have tried several other products and even used wire mesh around the plants but nothing worked. As a last resort I decided to try the Coyote Urine. My friends found the concept humorous but I just couldn’t watch my plants be nibbled to the nubs.

When I received your product I first measured its density. Using your recommended application rate of 600 feet per bottle, I sprinkled the product from an old plastic cheese container using one level teaspoon of product per each 6 linear feet. I did this twice a week for two weeks and then every other week after that. I have observed deer tracks up to the plans but NO NIBBLING. The groundcover even has flowers. Now I feel very confident that anything I plant will be protected.
Margaret Kosta – Silver City, NM

I Was Spending Too Much Money
Thank you so much for Shake-Away product that we used to drive away our bad era, my no-1 in our garden, the rabbits. I was spending too much money in other products that I used which I got from the stores and they did not help at all. There is nothing like Shake-Away product. We are as glad that we found it in the internet and they are getting rid of the “parasite” rabbit in our yard.
Encarnacion Fauni – Murrieta, CA

They Were Destroying My Vineyard
My wife & I planted a vineyard this year of 300 vines. Shortly after bud break I started having problems with rabbits. Each morning I would walk through the vineyard I would find 4 or 5 vines that had been destroyed by rabbits. Four days ago I applied Small Critter Granules randomly throughout the vineyard. I have not found evidence of 1 single rabbit damage in my vineyard since. Thanks.
Bob Upshaw – Stanley, NM

My Plants Are Flourishing
Last year I spent a lot of money on perennials for my flower gardens and 99% did not survive the first month because of being eaten by rabbits. I did some research on the internet before planting anything this year and your products name kept coming up – so I ordered. I started sprinkling the small critter granules where I planned to plant and around the fence at the perimeter of our yard 2 weeks before I planted. I have re-applied every 2-3 weeks and my plants are flourishing! Thank you!
Mary Sue Lee – Appleton, WI

It Was Very Frustrating!
I had a problem with rabbits coming into my flower garden during the night and eating my flowers. It was very frustrating! Fox urine was recommended to me, but I didn’t know where to find it. I searched the web and found your company. The Fox Urine worked wonders in my flower garden. Thank you for this product! I will continue to use it. I live in a new development in Florida and have posted your company name and product on our bulletin board so we can all get rid of our rabbit situation.
Barbara Eby – Davenport, FL

I Never Caught the Critter in the Act
Something kept eating the tops of my tomato plants. I had to keep replacing them. I never caught the critter in the act, but there are rabbits, ground hogs, wild cats, you name it, in the area. After just two treatments around the perimeter of my vegetable garden, the problem has vanished! I actually watched a rabbit sniffing around the perimeter, and he (she?) quickly retreated. Thanks for a great and simple to use product!
Dean Gould – Somerset, NJ

It Has Only Been 2 Weeks but I Have Not Lost A Single Plant
Thank you for your Small Critter Granules. I realize it has been only two weeks but I have not lost a single plant to rabbits or “chucks” – Last year I lost a large part of my beans to rabbits in one night. (I live in a trailer park and have a very small garden) I am not allowed to put up fences (park rules) and there have been a lot of rabbits around this year. An added bonus I haven’t had one squirrel at my feeder or even my lawn in the past two weeks.
Michael Polar – Liverpool, NY

Thanks So Much for Creating This Miracle
I was having problems with rabbits eating my daylilies. They would chew them down to nothing and I was very frustrated because nothing I tried worked to keep them away. Until Shake-Away! The product is amazing. After using it for only a short while, the rabbits avoid my daylilies like they weren’t even there. I love this product thanks so much for creating this miracle and solving my problem!
Joseph Malick – Marlton, NJ

I Never Would Have Believed it until I Tried It
I really was not sure that your product would work, but I was desperate to find something natural that would stop the rabbits from eating my Asiatic & oriental lilies. Every summer my lilies would appear, only to be eaten before I could enjoy their beautiful flowers. I hated the thought of putting up fences and wanted something natural because I have animals of my own (cats & dog) plus my gardens are like a natural have for all creatures. Well, so far so good! My lilies are still growing, the rabbits are still around, but I’ve notice they have decided to eat my neighbor’s lilies. I have told her about your product. I never would have believed it until I tried it. Wonderful!!!
Ann North – Manhattan, IL

Thanks So Much for Coming to Our Rescue
We were having problems with wild rabbits. We bought a new home 2 years go in the country from “city life” planted beautiful flowers and behold! Rabbits were getting fat – to the point they became quite unscarred when we tried to scare them away. Saw this product at a nursery but did not buy it – when I did they were sold out! Anyway found you on the web site – bought this product – used it – not one rabbit in my yard – but other neighbors see the rabbit getting fat on their flowers – Thanks so much for coming to our rescue!
Christopher Wylie – Brentwood, CA

It Stopped Them in Their Tracks
I purchase two bottles one for me and the other for my neighbor. We both have a severe problem with rabbits. As soon as I received Shake-Away I had to try it (I am talking minutes). One hour later I get a phone call from my neighbor who was watching a rabbit approach his garden. The rabbit came up to the edge of the garden and stopped, then tried another way in and could not. The rabbit just sat there, still, soon he ran off. This is the first time a product stopped them in there tracks. Great stuff.
Rory Leo – Verona, PA

It Is Inexpensive and Easy to Apply
Last summer I planted green beans twice and both times rabbits ate the tender sprouts as soon as they were out of the ground. I wanted to try and plant some more this year, but I first had to do some research on how to keep the rabbits out of my garden. After talking with people and searching the internet for ideas, I decided to try critter repellent mainly because it was inexpensive and easy to apply. I sprinkled it around the perimeter of my garden twice and my green beans are growing. I am very happy. If I have any trouble this year with raccoon in my corn, I plan on trying the deer and large animal repellent.
Linda Dodd – Union City, IN

It is Fantastic and So Easy
The rabbits were devouring our asters and removing the young tender lower branches of our young sand cherry bushes. I purchased a spray with unpleasant tasting peppers and used it on the plants with no success. I then bought the Shake-Away Small Critter Granules and the plants have been untouched ever since. It is fantastic and so easy. I gave some to my mother who was having her petunias eaten. She was amazed at how the bunnies disappeared.
Joyce Renz – Lake Forest, IL

We See the Animals in Our Neighbor’s Yards, not Ours
We were having a problem with rabbits and a woodchuck. They were eating our smaller plants (pansies, alyssums, petunias for example) by the 3rd application it was very noticeable how these plants were growing and blooming. We see the animals in our neighbor’s yards but not in ours. Our yard is only around 5000 square feet and one bottle did 2 ½ applications. Thanks for making such a great product that allows us to enjoy our flowers so much.
John Remington – Omaha, NE

Traps and Unsightly Fences Weren’t the Answer
I have 3 garden beds, 6x6 ft., and noticed all the tender new leaves were being devoured. Then I saw the cutest baby bunny hopping our and then quite a large rabbit. I didn’t want to hurt them, just chase them out. Traps and unsightly fences weren’t the answer, either. Then I found Shake-Away Fox Urine Granules and it worked. However 3 weeks later I saw another rabbit so I ordered two more bottles to put around a larger perimeter and will continue to use and recommend this product during the gardening season.
Linda Desko – Fallbrook, CA

The Cages Were Pretty Unattractive
Rabbits were eating our petunias, black-eyed Susan’s and purple flower right down to the ground. I built some cages out of chicken wire and that kept the rabbits from doing any further damage. But the cages were pretty unattractive. I found the Shake-Away products on the internet and ordered the Small Critter Granules right away. Even after the first application it worked. I’ve continued using the product and have suffered no further damage. I haven’t even seen any rabbits in my yard at all.
Brian Green – Kentwood, MI

My Flowers are Growing Back Beautifully
I live in the city of Chicago. This summer I had problems with a family of rabbits feasting on my garden flowers. I tried to use other very odorous and chemical based repellents but they did not work. Then one day I went on the internet and did a search for rabbit repellent. That is how I learned about “Shake-Away. Now, three weeks later I have not seen any rabbits in my yard and my flowers are growing back beautifully. “Shake-Away” really works. Thank you!
Erica Vaccaro – Chicago, IL

Thanks for Your Products
We were having problems with a rabbit(s) eating our flower gardens. In particular it was eating our impatients down to the ground. Since we live in a subdivision inside the city limits, shooting the pest was not an option. My neighbor’s vegetable garden was also being invaded. I have used your product following the directions and I now have a beautiful flower garden and my neighbor keeps me stocked up with fresh vegetables. As a side note the minor gopher issue I had has disappeared. Thanks for your products.
Philip Hill – Huntsville, AL

I didn’t know what to do to stop them Without Harming Them
I have a flower bed that consists of lobelia & verbena. It just so happens that the wild rabbits that live around me eat verbena like salad. I didn’t know what to do to stop them without harming them. One day I was using my computer and the idea of looking for a repellent for rabbit came to mind. I found the “Critter Repellent” website and ordered a bottle of small critter repellent to test it. It’s been a month since I first sprinkled that in my flowerbed and I haven’t had any furry unwanted visitors eating my flowers ever since.
Jeff Mac Arthur – Anaheim Hills, CA

Our Perennials are looking great
We have perennials planted around our deck each year we seem to have to replace almost all of them after they get munched on by our squirrels and rabbits. The fall seems to be the worst time this year after using Shake-Away most of the summer our perennials are looking great. Looks like they will even make it til next year!
Tine Johnson – Rockford, IL

We Found Out We Had a Little Nibbler
We had just planted our crop for the year as we always do – but this year we found out we had a little nibbler – my three kids spotted the rabbit in the garden. I researched on the internet and found the product – as soon as I received the product I put it in the garden and when the rabbit came back for her daily feeding she would not come even close to the garden – thank you.
Bobby Adamov – Hopkinsville, KY

Skeptic Turned Believer: Shake-Away is the Best Thing on the Market  
I had just moved into my house and we planted a garden and we noticed a rabbit that would come every day at dinner time and would eat our vegetables. I was at a loss at trying to rid myself of this problem. I saw your ad on the internet and thought I’d give Shake-Away a try. To my surprise I have not seen a single rabbit anymore and my garden is doing fine. I admit I was a bit skeptical but I can truly say that if you’re having a problem with rabbits Shake-Away is the best thing on the market.
Booker Michael – Fort Worth, TX  
Thanks to Shake-Away, We Are Enjoying A Great Harvest!  
Since replacing all the grass on our 1 acre property with native and drought tolerant plants we have a lot of wildlife living here, which is great except the rabbits were feasting on my vegetable garden. Using Shake-Away resolved that problem and we are enjoying a great harvest!  
Aggarwal Barbara – Orlando, FL

Finally, an Effective, Easy to Use Product with No Lingering Odor!  
Shake-Away has finally solved my rabbit problem. After trying several spray-on products that didn’t work & finally found a product that does what it says it will do. After applying the small critter granules rabbits no longer feast on my flowers!! The best part it is easy to use and has no lingering odor!  
Wiatr Nannette – Bloomfield Hills, MI  
Shake-Away Has Kept The Rabbits Away For Good!  
I was ready to give up and surrender my phlox, pansies and lilies to the rabbits! Messy white sprays were not only unsightly they washed away with a little rain. Shake-Away has kept the rabbits away for good! This is the most effective and easy to use product of many I have tried. You have a loyal customer for life.
Costello Cheryl – Monica Hill, NJ

Safe, Reliable and Humane, Don’t Want To Be Without It!  
Having never had any problems in my garden, I was horrified last spring to realize rabbits were using my garden as a snack bar! After briefly trying a few remedies (thorn branches, obstacles) I went online searching for a repellent product and found Shake-Away. I ordered the large container, and following the directions, shook it around my garden, and it worked great!! For the rest of the season I had no problems with rabbits. Even the neighborhood cats stayed away. I was happy to use a safe reliable product that didn’t hurt the animals. Thank you Shake-Away!! I am about to place my order for this season, as I don’t want to be without it!  
Olsen Laura – West Haven, CT

Great Product and Great Service. Keep It Up!  
Rabbits all over the place – eating my garden, flowers. Critter Repellent works in keeping them away. Great product.  
Great service. Ordered three days ago & received today. Keep up the great service. Thank you.  
Schwartz Michael – Boynton Beach, FL  
Two Weeks & No Sign of the Rabbit…Hurrah!  
We had the beginnings of a lovely garden. The cabbage plants, lettuce, peas and beans were perky and healthy….until the “rabbit” arrived! He wasn’t frightened by the scarecrow or the owl on a post. He wasn’t even frightened by humans shooing him. He enjoyed the produce but we were upset. I found your product after Googling rabbit repellent. We spread it 2 weeks ago and haven’t seen the rabbit since then. Hurrah!  
Peters Carmelita – Bluefield, WV  
Shake-Away Worked Like A Charm, So I Ordered More!  
The rabbits found my garden full of flowers and ate just about all my flowers. After trying several products I found “Shake-Away” online. This worked like a charm. The rabbits went elsewhere for their food source. I have replenished my garden and ordered two more bottles of Shake-Away
Dellinger Karen – Little Egg Harbor, NJ  
Small Critter Granules is Amazingly Effective  
I wanted to let you know how your product “Small Critter Granules” performed for us this past year. We had a terrible problem with rabbits eating our vegetables, shrubs, and flowers. We just started using your Small Critter Granules, and it is amazingly effective. We look forward to using your product all this season. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!  
Siracusa Joe – Skaneateles, NY  
Use This Effective Product Every Planting Season
  What a great product! I have a garden and a couple years ago, I found your product. The rabbits just sawed off the plants to the ground and I desperately needed help! This product was all I needed. I use it every planting season and I believe it works. Thanks. Happy in Wisconsin. J  
Santelli Anna – Kenosha, WI

It’s Been Two Months, and I Haven’t Seen Any Rabbits  
Rabbits—I had to replant my tomato and bell pepper plants because the rabbits chewed them off. I live in the city but the rabbits are plentiful. A friend told me about your repellent, so I ordered some and put it out around the plants and the outside of my garden and it got rid of the rabbits until it rained. So I put it out again and I think they are gone. Haven’t seen any around for a couple of months.  
Brustkern Judith – Washington, IN

  LOW as $3.95 Shipping & Buy Any 3 Products & Shipping is FREE!

Outside Use
Hard to Reach Areas

Best Choice For SMALLER Sized:
(Apx 1,500 sq ft)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 1,500 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks when applied as directed

Best Choice For AVERAGE Sized:
(Apx 3,600 sq ft)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 3,600 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks when applied as directed

Best Choice For
SMALLER Homes & Buildings

(Apx up to 1,500 sq. feet)

  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Sheds (in and under)
  • Decks
    Stored Vehicles & RVs
  • Cars and Trucks
  • Other Vehicles
  • Watercraft
  • Motorhomes
  • Trailers

Protects vehicles and areas up to 1,500 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks
when applied as directed

Best Choice For
LARGER Homes & Buildings

(Apx 3,000+ sq ft)

  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Sheds (in and under)
  • Decks
    Stored Vehicles & RVs
  • Cars and Trucks
  • Other Vehicles
  • Watercraft
  • Motorhomes
  • Trailers

Protects vehicles and areas up to 3,000 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks
when applied as directed


Shake Away Small Animal

Shake-Away Small Critter Repellent 12lb Size $74.95

Best ChoiceFor LARGER Sized:(Apx 10,000 sq ft)

  • Gardens
  • Yards
  • Flowerbeds
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 10,000 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks when applied as directed**

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