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Moles In MY Yard/Landscaping Testimonials

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Mole In My Garden/Flowerbed

Mole In My Yard/Landscape

I Am Pleased With the Rapid Results
During the fall and winter of 2003 a major portion of forest was cut down to accommodate a recreational sports complex under a green aces grant. My property which is on the periphery of this project became infested with moles/voles. Upon completion of the complex, I started the task of removing and trying to restore my lawn to its original state. Having failed with other remedies I happened by Shake-Away (discovered on the internet) and am pleased with the rapid results of evicting the rodents by strategically dusting areas and pushing them back into another area of woods and left as a buffer.
James Lashley – Absecon, NJ

There No Longer Wrecking Havoc
For some years ground moles have been wrecking havoc in my lawn. Since using Shake-Away for rodents, I see after two weeks a big improvement. The mole tunnels are disappearing. I’m very well pleased with this treatment. I’m so happy to find something that works. One Question? How much granules should I put into the hole, I put in the mole run away. Thank you!
Richard Granger – Gainesville, FL

No More Subway Traffic
I had holes all over my yard. It was like an underground subway system. I thought I would fall in someday soon. Man was this product great. No more subway traffic!
Harsh Luthia – Killingworth, CT

I Tried Everything – Even Chewing Gum
I had tried everything to get rid of ground moles – chewing gum, moth balls – trying to shovel them up when you I saw them moving. I used to start outside with a cup of coffee & shovel and wait for them to move – usually did more damage than the mole. After the second application of Shake-Away – I am mole free. Thank you – Thank you.
Pat Sommer – Ft. Recovery, OH

Walking Thru My Yard Was an Endurance Trial
Moles! Moles! Moles! The pesky little critters were making a mess of my yard. Their tunnels made walking through the yard an endurance trial. We had brought every product on the market trying to get rid of the moles. The sonic noise makers beeped all day long and when we looked out the next day, the mole tunnels went right up to the stake and then made a semi circle around it. Then we bought traps, didn’t work those made our yard look like a miniature obstacle course. Then, we found out about Shake-Away and were amazed. After 3 days the moles were gone and wee have reclaimed our lawn. Thanks Shake-Away.
R. Kovac – Oak Grove, LA

I Was Having War with Mole Tunnels
My problem was that I was having war with mole tunnels all over the yard. Since I started using your product I have not seen a new tunnel. I usually sprinkle around the whole house and into the tunnels. So far so good! By continuing the use of your product I’m hoping that I will be rid of these pesky little rodents once and for all. Thanks again.
Rich Neumann – Coon Rapids, MN

Now There Heading North at a Rapid Pace
I had multiple moles destroying my lawn. Within a day or two of application, they started heading north of a rapid pace. No more moles. Now I use it to keep them from coming back.
John Spohr – Glen Carbon, IL

I Am Very Pleased With the Results
I woke up one morning to 1 mole hole. Everyday there where 1-3 more “mounds” even a neighbor was “bombing” the holes with a poison gas. By the time I got Shake-Away there were over 15 holes/mounds. I used Shake-Away in the holes & the new, daily holes stopped immediately 3 days later I found 3 more holes a good distance away from the originals. I used the product and am very hopeful that they will continue to move off somewhere else, just like your web ad said. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the results. This is my first experience with moles. Thanks for the positive results. I’ll be telling everyone with this problem about Shake-Away.
Connie Dibattista – McMinnville, OR

My Wife Is Happy That It Contains No Adverse Chemicals
I had serious problems with moles for three years. Tried several control methods including raps, sprays, gas etc. – none worked. Within weeks of putting Shake-Away for rodent into tunnels as they appeared, they stopped. I have been mole free for months, and as soon as I see the start of a tunnel, a little granules placed in stops it. My wife also is happy that it contains no adverse chemicals that could affect our dog.
Luciano Corea – Cape May, NJ

Our Lawn Looked Like a War Zone
A few months ago we noticed that a family of moles had decided to make our yard their home. After several mounds started making our new lawn look like a war zone, we decided to try some of the pest control devices and poison the local home store supplied. None worked. Only after using the Shake-Away small critter granules did the moles decide they didn’t like our yard anymore. No more mole holes. Thanks so much, Critter-Repellant!
Chris Nevfeld – Sumas, WA

Tried Other Products That Didn’t Work
I was having a problem with moles – tried “no more moles” a glandular product which must go over the whole yard and front and back but didn’t work – (expensive also)!
Of – course Juicy fruit gum is a loser also until I went on-line & found Shake-Away after my 1st application I still saw the critters but soon after the final use I believe their gone. Richard Lukas – Glastonbury, CT

Local Mole Family Moves Out
Our yard was being torn up with holes from a local mole family who apparently developed a resistant to blood meal and other mole/gopher repellents. We spent over $40.00 in trying to rid our yard of these critters – who were tunneling under the rose bushes etc… until we triedShake-Away. The fox-bobcat urine formula went to work and within a week, the moles moved out!
Roby Nicolopoulos – Tukwila, WA

Dinner Party Interrupted
We were having a lovely dinner party on our back deck when our golden retriever walked up to me and dropped a dead mole at my feet. This was last summer. I immediately went to the computer and started looking for mole retardants. I saw traps, baits, poisons – none of these would be good with our pets. I ordered your Shake-Away used it and had no more problems. Now it is a new year and I need more!
Marigrace Lewis – Hilton Head, SC

Thank You for Solving My Problem
I have a home in Kankakee Ill. My yard was full of mole hills and tunnels. I spent over $150.00 on sure cures that didn’t work until I got Shake-Away. I followed directions and in no time the moles moved on. Thank you for solving my problem.
John Welcome – Chicago, ILL

Was I Ever Surprised
I can not say enough good things about Shake-Away. I have spent close to $200 this summer on products from the farmer’s co-op, trying in vain to get rid of the moles in my front yard!!! Nothing worked. Nothing. The personnel at the co-op would promise me every time that “this product will get rid of your moles.” But guess what. It didn’t. Nothing did. If anything, everything I bought seemed to attract them! Finally in desperation, I checked “on line” to see what I could find…and there was the Shake-Away product advertised! I ordered it. And I’ll admit, after all the failures I’d had previously, I honestly didn’t expect much. WAS I EVER SURPRISED!! I applied it as directed (in the tunnels, and also sprinkled some on the ground around the entire yard) and within 4 days – NO MORE MOLES!!! I have ordered more to reapply in the spring – and also to put some on my Mother’s yard. It’s truly amazing. I can’t believe it – after all the products I’d been promised would take care of the problem and nothing had, I can’t say enough nice things about this product!!! It is wonderful. And it took care of my problem when apparently nothing else would. I would recommend this as “extremely highly positive.”
Betty Pike – Strawbrry Plains

With-in a Day I Saw Results
We had a mole problem and I didn’t want to use anything toxic because of our baby daughter. Within a day of using Shake-Away I saw results.
Damon Maxwell – Renton, WA

They’re Moving South
I have 2 large yards in the front and back of my house. I have had mole hills that I have been pouring gas in – running water hoses down them but they come back. This granules appears to be working – they’re moving south into the outer pasture – which they are welcome to have. Thanks
Janet Green – McKenna, WA

I’m Glad I Ordered Shake-Away
Had a large mole problem, digging all over my yard, and I did as the directions said. After an outside cat had retrieved one from under the shed, I knew I had to do something. I orderedShake-Away and I about 1 ½ weeks, the moles hills were gone. I’m glad I ordered Shake-Away.
Sheila Bowlin – E. Carondelet, IL

Trails Everywhere
I began noticing small “trails” through my yard but was unaware of what my problem was. After a few months, the yard got steadily worse until a friend told me that my problem was moles. I tried to trap the little critters but to no avail. I then began using Shake-Away. Within a month, the grass seed that I planted over the mole trails was growing back in, with no sign of new moles trails anywhere. Now my yard looks like it did a year ago, before the moles criss-crossed it with trails and 75 mole holes. Thank you, Shake
Jason Blake – Warrendale, PA

I Didn’t Know Where to Begin
I was experiencing a problem with moles in my front yard. They had dug so many holes in the lawn; I didn’t know where to begin! I found your product on the internet and ordered it. I have to admit I was skeptical, but it worked so fast, the moles were gone after the 1st application! Thank you.
Laura Skubecz – San Rafael, CA

We Followed Directions – Now There are No Critters!
We had a problem with moles in the yard digging around the driveway. We were afraid they would cause the concrete to crack. We also had squirrels in the attic. We followed the directions and reapplied after two weeks. No Critters!
Whitney Lamb – Ball Ground, GA

We Were Hopeful but Afraid To Hope to Much
We’ve had problems with moles for the past several years. They tunnel every where and virtually destroyed the backyard and one year even the front yard. The grass dies and they leave holes and depressions that are unsightly and dangerous. We have tried every remedy out there with only limited success at best. When we discovered this product we were hopeful but afraid to hope too much. But it exceeded our expectations. It took some time to apply it in all the trails and holes we could find, but within days the moles were pushed back to the very back of the yard. We’re now trying to maintain the yard with regular treatment of any new trails as they occur and it seems to be working. Thank you so much for giving us a natural non-lethal remedy for the moles. You saved our sanity.
Martha Jones – Broken Arrow, OK

Even the Groundhog & Rabbits Left
Our problem was moles tunneling everywhere at first we were skeptical, but after the first week there were no new tunnels. Even the groundhog and rabbits are not around anymore. Thank you.
Joseph Berthiaume – East Hartford, CT

Mole Activity Has Ended
I was having a terrible problem with moles in my front and back yards. As I live near some woods. It wasn’t hard to determine where they came from. Getting rid of them was the problem. I had previously tried to use traps to rid the moles. But they were useless. After applying Shake-Away as directed the mole activity has ended. Thanks Shake-Away.
Robert Hood – Manassas, VA

Claim Your Yard Back From Moles With Shake-Away  
I had recently been the victim of moles destroying a portion of my front lawn. Upon discovering Shake-Away and using as directed, the moles have moved out of that portion of the yard they tried to claim as home. No more mouse traps. Thanks Shake-Away!  

Fedric Mark – Concord, OH

Shake-Away is an Amazing Product That’s Good and True  
I had moles burrowing through my garden and digging up my backyard. Then they began to move into the front yard but I didn’t want to use any toxic products or traps.
I thought Shake-Away sounded too good to be true but sprinkled it around the garden and yard. I put a teaspoon into each hole I found. After a couple of weeks I noticed the bare spots were regrowing grass and the tunnels had collapsed. My neighbor was amazed and said he would try Shake-Away too! 
Brown Lynn – Kalamazoo, MI  
Shake-Away Brought My Beautiful Lawn Back to Life  
Yuck. My lawn was absolutely beautiful - plush celtic-green lawn. One day, I noticed a strange looking trail in my lawn. I knew instantly it was a mole problem because when I walk my 2 Jack Russell dogs, they dig for moles. Immediately I googled on the internet for a solution. I immediately search for rodent repellent. Prior to the arrival of my package, I treated the affected area with Bayer repellent for scrubs. My package arrived and after only 2 treatments and within 3 weeks, I am mole free. My lawn is beautiful again. Thanks.  
Sessoms Robin – Clinton, MD

No More “Mole Dances” With Shake-Away  
We lived without any mole activity for 12 years – and then they arrived. We tried every product on the market: vibrating sticks, poison pellets, castor oil, smoke bombs, grub killers, traps. Nothing deterred them. We were able to get a few over the years by watching the ground move and killing them with a shovel. Our yard is full of slopes and every year the erosion problem was getting worse due to the mole activity. One year the front lawn looked like it had been completely tilled. People would sometimes stop and ask what we were doing – we called it the “mole dance” as we stomped down the tunnels.
Then finally, a friend recommended Shake-Away. We bought the 12 lb. container and it lasted at least four years. Although we still have to be diligent about applying Shake-Away when we see new activity, it certainly drives the moles away before they have a chance to severely damage our yard.
Thanks for a great product!  
Moenster Bart – Ferguson, MO  
Shake-Away is My Natural Professional Exterminator  
This year when we opened our pool we noticed a lot of subsidence and tunneling around the edge where the grass meets the concrete sidewalk. We thought it must be moles, voles, or mice. So we went to the local home supply store and bought mole/vole/underground varmint deterrent granules. We put the granules in the hole, backfilled with crushed rock and topsoil, then placed patchmaster grass mix on top. About a week later several more holes were back. We entertained the idea of having a professional exterminator come take care of the problem. But while watching the Garden Guy on HGTV one Sunday morning, he showed a natural product made of fox urine that he shook around the garden. He said it really worked. However he did not show or give the name of the product. I then did an Internet search and found your product. The container looked a lot like the container on the TV show. So I ordered it. As soon as it arrived in the mail I used it. I waited about a week before we filled the holes with crushed rock, put topsoil and patchmaster grass seed back down. It’s been about 3 weeks now and the grass has grown in nicely and no more holes. I would like another container to use around my vegetable garden because no matter how much fencing or netting I put around the garden, something eats most of my vegetable plants. Because your product is natural, my children and dogs were able to be around the pool immediately after applying Shake-Away. My dogs are wamerainers and found the scent of your product particularly interesting.  
Gaule Regina – Castleton, NY 
No More Frightened Kids Running Around My Yard  
I had problems with moles running freely through my yard and my kids were terrified. I looked all over the internet and found Shake-Away. This product worked better than expected. No more moles and the kids have their yard back. It is also very inexpensive!
Thanks Shake-Away
Jones Ivan – Indianapolis, IN 
Quick Service, Satisfaction Guaranteed with Shake-Away
Wow. I’m a very satisfied customer. Shake-Away Small Critter sure put a stop to the moles in our yard – very quickly. It is very easy to apply and I feel safe for our environment as well as our three border Collies.  
Castro Mario – Longview, WA 
Shake-Away Clears Your Yard With Moles  
Moles and mounds of dirt. I tried some different ideas that I found on the internet – nothing worked. My wife’s cousin told her about Shake-Away. I ordered a 20 oz. container and when it arrived I sprinkled the product around 5 holes. I didn’t have any more holes for about 4 days. Then I came home from work and found 3 more holes. This time the holes were in a different part of my yard. I put the Shake-Away in the holes and sprinkled some on the lawn between where they were and the fence. I have not had any mole problems in two months. Now my neighbor has mole holes. I’m not sure if they are the ones in my yard but my yard is clear. My neighbor has ordered some Rodent Granules but it has been raining. He hasn’t been able to sprinkle it.  
Adams Kenneth – Bullard, TX  
Plan to Protect Your Lawn with Shake-Away
  I have one of the nicest lawns in my 24 home subdivision, mowing my lawn every 4-5 days. I also have irrigation system and tru-green fertilization plan. I started to find piles of dirt and turf damage. While mowing I would feel the turf bulging up. I did see a mole and put it all together that was the culprit. I had no grubs in my lawn but discovered they also eat worms and insects. I sent for this product Shake-Away Rodent Repellent and started my plan to get rid of these pests. Using the directions provided and saw results within 1 week, the product works and I have seen no evidence at all lately. I will keep up the plan to protect my beautiful lawn that it once was.  
Cohen Sumner – Milton, VT 
A Sound Solution For Mole Infestation  
Unbelievable! We live in rural Southern Oregon with woods on each side and in back of our home I have been driven crazy with moles in my yard. I have tried everything to get rid of them. Out of desperation I searched the internet for help with the moles and found Shake-Away Rodent Repellent. I had never heard of this product. I ordered Shake-Away Rodent Repellent and after just one application my moles are gone. This does not sound possible. Even I can’t believe it. I keep looking for some new sign of them and can’t find any. Now I tell all my friends about this product. We no longer have moles. Thanks to Shake-Away.
  Quen Betty – Cave Junction, OR 
Shake-Away Keeps the Pests Away  
I am writing to tell you of the success I’ve had with your product Shake-Away (for rodents, i.e., moles). I was forever trying to find ways (besides trapping) to get rid of these creatures and the numerous holes in my yard. Since applying your product I have not seen any evidence of these pests. Great product!
The original paper (form) to provide my testimonial to obtain free product for moles was shredded by my Shih Tzu (little dog).  
Glasgow Sandy – West Carrollton, OH

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Outside Use

Best Choice For SMALLER Sized:
(Apx 1,500 sq ft)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 1,500 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks when applied as directed

Best Choice For AVERAGE Sized:
(Apx 3,600 sq ft)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 3,600 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks when applied as directed

Best Choice For
(Apx up to 10,000 sq. feet)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 10,000 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks
when applied as directed

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