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Mice In My House/Attic

Mice in My Motor Vehicle

We Were Invaded

We have a mountain cabin and every summer it is normal for deer mice to take up residence. We usually can tolerate the one or two but this summer we were invaded! Believe it or not they use the doggy door. Since we couldn’t close that, we were looking for another way to get rid of them without killing them in traps or with poison. So in my internet search for a live trap for mice, I also ran across your product. I bought both. Since the granules was to be used inside our cabin, I followed your suggestion to make little sacks using old nylons. As I started placing them around, the effect was immediate! I had mice running for the doggy door, literally. They we clearly “scared”. The ones that stayed were captured in the live trap. After two days we removed the live trap and placed “scent sacks” near both sides of the doggy door. We were mouse free for the first time in ten summers. And in October when we closed the cabin for the winter, we were still mouse-free. Your product is amazing! We couldn’t smell it but the deer mice truly believed that a fox and a bobcat had moved in, so they didn’t. Thank you for a great product!
Janet Lux – Englewood, CO

No More Droppings
In July 04 we purchased a foreclosed home that had been empty for over a year, except for the mice that moved in. We found droppings everywhere having a 9 month old son & 2 pets; poison was out of the question. I read about Shake-Away online & figured I would give it a shot within a day or so we heard no more scratching & not one mouse dropping. I put small plates of the product around the house & nylon balls in the attic. The mouse problem has been solved. Thank you.
I highly recommend this safe product to anyone that has a problem with rodents.
Jason Johnson – N. Attleboro, MA

The Gophers Left With the Mice
We were having problems with mice in our kitchen and my wife refuse to harm any animal. So I came across Shake-Away and decided to give it a try. Since I was getting a shipment I decided to try to get rid of our gopher problem we have had for years as well. I was a bit skeptical but had to do something without harming our dog or the rodents. Amazingly in just one day the mice were gone and with just two to three applications the gophers disappeared as well. My neighbor now has a gopher problem. He can’t understand where they came from! I know exactly where they are from. It’s my little secret.
Scott Downey – Sylmar, CA

We Have our “Home-Land Security” Back
Every year I dreaded for cold weather to come because with it came the mice. People always say, “They’re more afraid of you than you are of them.” WRONG! I am terrified of the tiny beasts! For 30 years I have been afraid to walk through the house with the lights out or go to the bathroom in the wee hours or clean out a dark closet. My poor husband was at his wits end trying to deal with a frantic wife as well as the mice. Finally, my sister-in-law searched on the net for a solution to our mouse problem (one that didn’t involve gasoline or matches) and discovered your product. That was 4 months ago, and we’ve been mouse free ever since. Thank you for giving our “home-land security” back to us!
Barbara Nicely – Powell, TN

They Chased My Company Out of My House
My name is R. Smith I live in a community of row houses. I had the worst problem with mice. I had a neighbor that had twin 6 year old boys and they were not lovers of food and I think they use to feed them. My neighbors moved and the mice took over my house. They were so bad that they would chase my company out of my house. One night after bible study the mice made their usual appearance. I found you guys on the computer I got your product and no more mice!! Hooray! Hooray!
Roslyn Smith – Philadelphia, PA

It Doesn’t Even Smell Bad
I was skeptical. I was frustrated! We had struggled with mice in the house for nearly 7 years that we had been in the house. We didn’t want to kill them. We set “humane traps” & released them repeatedly only to confront more mouse trappings in the kitchen, bedrooms, every room! I was close to considering traps that would kill them or a cat, even though I am very allergic. Then my husband went on the World Wide Web & learned about your product. Two applications around the outside of the house and 1 small paper bowlful in the house & no more mice! And, the granules in the house doesn’t even smell bad. Thank you!
Jan Simon –Moab, UT

I Have Also Tried Other Shake-Away Products
Last winter we experienced scratch sounds from the attic at night and it just got worse as days went by. I checked the attic and spotted the droppings. I realized the scratch sounds were from field mice. I tried numerous mousetraps, and glue boards but could never get rid of these mice. The scratch sound continued and it had driven me totally crazy. My coworker referred the Shake-Away to me after hearing my horrible story. I followed her advice and ordered the product and guess what—it worked! After I gained confidence of this product, I also ordered other Shake-Away products and they are all doing a great job. So other than getting rid of mice, I no longer have to deal with squirrel and deer problems anymore.
Scott Lin – Warren, NJ

I Thought I Was Trained To Go To War
First of all, thank you all very much. I’m the proud owner of 2 dogs – 1 yellow lab & 1 black Pitt bull terrier. I’m also a soldier in the US Army. I said that to say this, I thought I was trained and prepared to go to war but once I returned from being mobilized my storage sheds were crawling with mice and rats. I didn’t want to use any poison, afraid the dogs may suffer if one of them ate the rodents. So I did my research and came across your site and low and behold I discovered my answer and reinforcement, Shake-Away has caused me of my Rodent problems. Thanks Again. Hooray!
Ervin Webber – Columbus, MS

Not the Kind of Leftovers I’d Want
I found some small, black leftovers on the floor in kitchen last year. I tried some ways to catch the mice, but the mice are too smart. They took peanut butter away without triggering the trap. So I looked into the internet and found the Shake-Away product. I was not sure at the beginning, but after I put it in the kitchen, there is no sign anymore. And, it already lasted for about a year. I’m going to order it again this winter and have a clean kitchen. Also I want to mention, there is no smell in the room. That’s perfect.
Conan Wei – Rolling Meadows, IL

Repel Pest without Resorting To Torture or Death
We discovered mouse droppings in several areas of our palatial estate. Not wanting to endanger our dogs with poisons or traps! We searched the internet and stumbled on Critter Repellent. What a great way to REPEL pests without resorting to torture or death. And it works! As soon as I put out the stocking bells, the infestation ceased. The mice exited the premises & have not returned. Better than having a pet bobcat!
Bob Bills – Studio City, CA
A Miracle Product

My garage and basement were infested with tiny gray and black mice. They chewed wire in my daughter’s car and built a nest near her transmission. This caused a $250 repair bill. In spite of the fact that we have cats the little critters were determined to set up living on our premises. I tried poison, various traps and peppermint which supposedly they hate. All to no avail. I did a search on the internet and found your website. It took one week of the Shake-Away product and they are gone! A miracle product. Thank you so much. I will continue to use and I tell anyone who has this problem. Thanks again.
Sandra Iverson – Minneapolis, MN

Satisfied Customers
Our garage is built under our house which makes it harder to keep mice out. Last fall we started using Shake-Away Rodent Granules. We have noticed this has kept the mice out of the garage and house these winter months, by 95%, I must also tell you we live in the country by a field. Shake-Away is easy to use and we plan on using it year round.
Keith& Marsha Schulty – Tipton, Iowa

Activity Has Seized
I recently ordered & tried the Rodent Granules for a mouse problem in my home. I put down some glue traps with bait to see if any more mice would appear along with the granules. Well, I haven’t seen any “activity” since I put down your product in my basement and around the perimeter of my home. I like that it keeps the mice away and doesn’t have an overwhelming odor. I will order your product again. Thanks.
Djenne Lindsey – Baltimore, MD

Stocking Up for the Winter Months
I am renting a small house in the woods in the mountains (4 days a week) of N. Central Pa. The owner was gone all summer before I moved in. Despite the mouse poison he had throughout the house, mice were obviously everywhere. I’ve been using Shake-Away inside & outside for several weeks 2nd haven’t seen a trace so far of a mouse. Even the sound of the “critter” I heard in the bedroom walls in the morning when I first moved in is gone! I’ll be stocking up for the winter months!
Chritine Moulton – Allentown, PA

Some Advice from a Customer
We had a terrible mice problem at our house. But by putting bobcat/wolf urine in sachet spread 8-10 ft around the house they were gone in days. It worked great! But don’t skimp on amount. I had to order another shipment because I underestimated the amount I would need. I think 3 bottles for a 2,000 sq. ft. house is more accurate.
Ellen Bodenhemier – Wolcott, CO

I Am Happy To Report
We had a serious infestation of mice in our basement early this spring. We put several paper plates with Shake-Away Rodents around the basement especially at doors and in the pantry area. We also put Shake-Away in the feet of old nylons and hung them under the porch. I am happy to report that we have not seen a mouse or any evidence that they have been in the basement since we used Shake-Away. I’m a believer.
Kathy Butcher – Owings, MD

Take Your Pals & Leave
I was very frustrated with the growing mouse problem in my apartment. It started in the kitchen, even though I hardly keep any food around, if I do its all in the fridge. Traps didn’t seem to work. When I saw a mouse scurrying around my bedroom I had to find a better way to get rid of it and its pals. I found your product on the web and placed an order ASAP. It’s been over two weeks and so far there are no signs of the mice. Shake-Away really works! Thank you!
J. Crook – Brooklyn, NY

The Reduction of Sightings
We were having a problem with mice & squirrels that were getting a little too close to our personal space around our home. I sprinkled the Shake-Away granules around the foundation of the house a few times. After a few weeks, the reduction of squirrel sighting & mouse droppings in the garage were very noticeable. I would love to continue to keep these critters away from my home so I will continue to use your products. Thank you.
Robert Pecoraro – Cranford, NJ

A Great Idea from a Skeptic
I was skeptical about the Rodent Granules because I had tried every other humane way to rid my home of mice – they, or their markings, were in all pars of my home. Your site mentioned putting the granules in knotted nylon, which I did for most parts of my home, but this did not strike me as a very aesthetic idea for the kitchen area. So what I have done in the kitchen is to take old plastic pill containers, poke holes in the cover and around the top, and then put about a tablespoon in the container and placed them strategically around the kitchen. Viola! It Worked! I have not seen any evidence either in the kitchen or anywhere else of my mice. I hope your Little-Critters are as successful on my small deck garden with the raccoons and squirrels.
Cath Delorey – Boston, MA

I Would Recommend Your Product to Anyone
My wife and I had a mice problem in the house. I sent for your product Shake-Away Critter Repellent. After use of just one week our rodent problem was solved. Shake-Away solved our mice problem very quickly. I would recommend your product to anyone I know that has a problem with critters of any kind.
Theodore Green – Philadelphia, PA

The Challenge – Man against Mouse
The challenge – man against mouse! For years we’ve tried everything to keep mice from nesting in our bulk head (ultimately finding their way into the basement). Traps, sealing the bulk head and foundation, and using spray foam to fill in holes, cracks and crevices did not work. Last year I found something on the internet that promised a solution – Shake-Away Rodents (Fox – Bobcat Urine Granules). There was nothing to lose so I ordered it. I followed the directions at the beginning of the winter, placing the product in the bulk head. For the first time in 10 years no rodents! It’s unbelievable and a little goes a long ways. This year our bulk head and basement was rodent free thanks to Shake-Away!
Deborah Seuss – Leominster, MA

I Will Keep Buying Your Product – It Works!!!
Last year my wife and I bought a home outside the city and I was plagued with mice. I set dozens of traps, plugged all holes with steel wool and put glue traps and poison all over, but the mice were still driving me nuts. I purchased 2 containers of your Shake-Away for rodents and so far have not had 1 mouse in my house. I will keep buying your product. It works!!
Richard Husarik – Bolingbrook, IL

As the Gifts Continued To Pile Up…
Over the course of the winter we discovered much to our chagrin, evidence of mice in the garage…lots of evidence. As the gifts continued to pile up…waste droppings that is…we started to fight back with the use of mice traps… Traps turned out to be a short term and certainly not a very user friendly fix. We tried your Critter-Repellent…after completely cleaning the garage…and much to our surprise no new droppings. It works well, without the messy carcass clean-up.
Betsy Maltby – Aurora, CO

Making the Smell More Persuasive
We were over-run with mice in the kitchen-pantry of a dormitory. After two weeks of the first application of Rodent Granules, most had left this area of the building, and were appearing on other parts. We applied a second bottle to kitchen and some other parts of the building. We also then set some have-a-heart type traps. Now all the mice have retreated outside. We found it more effective to close windows and doors to the rooms (kitchen and pantry) when not in use, so that the smell of the Shake-Away was more persuasive. Thank you.
C. Brittingham – Antrim, NH

Your Major Solution to Mice Infestation
We were having a major mice problem. I called up rodent control technicians and paid $150.00 for them to come out and lay some traps. I could go to the store and pay $50.00 for the traps they used and placed. I was very disappointed in their service. When I switched to Shake-Away the first night, I could tell the difference. I prefer the “Stocking Ball” method myself. And you can toss them in any hard to get areas without the hassle of moving furniture. This was the best $40.00 I have spent, and it was well worth it. Also the delivery was very fast. I have no complaints for this product. Thank you Shake-Away for making my house rodent free!
Tinklepaugh Michael – Parkton, NC

Problem with Mice, Solution That’s Nice
We were having a problem with mice. We tried the Shake-Away rodent granules for about a week. So far, we haven’t seen any evidence of mice. We will continue to use this product.
Anagnost Yvonne – Palos Hills, IL

My Recommendation for a Mouse-Free Foundation
We were becoming infested with mice until we were turned in to Shake-Away by friends who recommended it. We put some around the foundation and have been mouse-free for a year. I recommended it to another friend and she has been mouse-free as well.
Great product!
Perla Nancy – Leominster, MA

Your Garden Will Bloom This Spring With Shake-Away
We have had tulips for years. Last spring none of them came up. We discovered that mice had a feast on them. We were determined to plant more bulbs but didn’t want to have the same problem. After much research, we decided to try the Shake-Away Small Critter Granules. This spring, tulips bloomed in all of their glory and we saw no signs of any rodents.
Needless to say, we are very pleased with your product and have told all of our family and friends.
Clark Dave – Williamsville, NY

Problem Is Solved With Shake-Away
PROBLEM: (1) Mice moving into the basement in the fall. (2) Mice-damaged AC unit outside.
SOLUTION: (1) Placed several ounces of Shake-Away in aluminum pie pans under boxed window and bay window – no more mice. Applied Shake-Away along garage walls – no more mice. (2) Applied Shake-Away to the interior and exterior perimeter of AC unit – no more mice. Great product!
Welch Mike – Savage, MN

Keep The Mouse Out Your Country House
Every spring when we opened up our country house, we always saw evidence of mice droppings on the kitchen counter, floors and bathroom. Last fall I ordered Shake-Away Rodent Repellent. We sprinkled it around the perimeter of the house, filled nylon sacks and placed them under the cabinets, in the bathroom, etc. Last spring we found no evidence of mice whatsoever. I now went to order more for this year when I found this offer (I forgot all about it).
Thank you.
Garofalo James – Somers, NY

Yield The Mouse Outside Your House with Shake-Away
My kitchen cabinets were overrun with mice. I was even starting to have problems with them in my dresser drawers. Normally we don’t have a problem with them but since the corn field behind our house was not planted this year, they decided to set up residency in our home. I found your product on the internet and decided to give it a try. I was especially pleased to see that it was safe for pets. I placed “stocking balls” throughout the kitchen and the rest of the house and I haven’t had a mouse since! Thank you. Your product is GREAT! I have even recommended it to friends!
Adams Heather – Lebanon, IL

Shake-Away Brings Spring in Colorado Springs
I am mice free! I could not believe my eyes. It has been 2 weeks and not one spotting of a mouse anywhere.
However, just this morning, my neighbor calls and says he caught two mice yesterday. So, being the good neighbor that I am, I have told him about your product and he will be ordering soon.
Johnson-Costello Melissa – Colorado Springs, CO

Mice-Free Your Attic in a Flick with Shake-Away
No more mice! Shake-Away really works! I baited 6 traps in my attic space after spreading Shake-Away in the attic according to directions. I also attached the supplied Shake-Away in the nylon stocking at 10-feet intervals under my roof eave at the air intake to saturate the entire attic area! The traps are still set and have not been touched! Proof positive!
Stankiewicz Harold – Fort Myers, FL

Make Traps Obsolete, Shake-Away Does it Complete
We were having a problem with mice in our kitchen as well as our camping trailer. We were trapping the mice which we didn’t like to do because it kills the mice. When we saw your product on the internet, we decided to try it. We put a small amount in some small containers and put them in 2 of our lower cupboards. We also put some in our trailer. We never saw another mouse! We also gave some to a friend who had lots of mice in his house. They are now gone also.
Pendleton Denise – Troy, TN

With Shake-Away The Mice Are FINALLY GONE!
During the winter, we would get mice in our garage and come in through the kitchen door to the garage.
I have 4 dogs, 2 Goldens and 2 Labs, and one of my Golden Retriever sits right in front of the kitchen door where the mice would come in. So I had to do something. I don’t like killing any living thing but I did not know what else to do. I would get the little house traps and set cheese in it and the trap would kill it.
All of the sudden this year, they started coming in through the door in the summer months. So I “googled” getting rid of mice and found Shake-Away and I ordered it right away. Anyway, I applied it around the perimeter per the instructions, but even though they said it would not harm animals, I wanted to be extra careful so I did not apply it in the garage in front of the kitchen door because my dogs come in and out of the garage several times a day.
Well, one night in comes a mouse through the kitchen door going absolutely crazy – under the TV, couch, chair and I scared it out in the garage again.
I filled a couple of stocking full of t he granules and put them in the garage in front of my kitchen door.
Crosby Nancy – Garland, TX

I Mice-Free My Place, Now I’m a Believer
Hallelujah! It’s been a month, and the mice are steering clear of my swimming pool/spa heater! In the spring of this year, we had the heater repaired to the tune of $450 after “something” chewed up all the interior wiring. We weren’t sure of the culprits. The repairman said heater problems like this generally occur in the winter, particularly when the heaters are anywhere near a bird feeder or a lake. We have both within 20 yards! Two months later, the heater stopped working again. We opened it to find the inside stuffed with leaves and more nest material. Arghh! This time, I was determined not to fix the heater until we came up with a solution. Plus, there were five tiny baby “somethings” inside and we didn’t have the heart to toss them out. We waited about 6 weeks and then opened up the heater to clear the debris. Six mice ran out and scattered in all directions. I cleared out the nest material and started looking on the internet. That’s when I ran across your website. Shake-Away seemed so logical – and a whole lot easier than trying to block multiple entrances to the heater with metal hardware cloth and screws. The heater repairman came today and I gave him a printout from the website. He’s going to recommend Shake-Away to all of his customers with the same problem!
Wilden Joyce – Melbourne, FL

You Bet, Shake-Away is Nice to Your Pet
We had mice in our walls and Brown Stove. My husband seen your product on the internet and we decided to try. Not long after I put some out we had no more mice. We usually only have the problem in the colder months and so far, we have not had any back. Thank you for making a product that works and that is safe for animals. We have two dogs and we liked the idea of having a product that worked and was safe for them.
Thank you again.
Welch Dawn – Mahnomen, MN

Live Happily and Mice-Free in Big Apple
Here in NYC even the mice are a bit, shall we say, “pushy”! We have had several take up at least semi-permanent residence beneath our kitchen sink and nothing humane – Havaheat traps, catnip, spices and red pepper – seemed to deter them. Happily, we found the Shake-Away website just in time as the problem seemed to be getting worse. We’ve been using the Shake-Away for nearly two years now and as long as I replenish the amounts I put down regularly, we are free of the feisty little critters.

Perez Amanda – New York, NY


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Outside Use
Inside Use

Best Choice For SMALLER Sized:
(Apx 1,500 sq ft)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 1,500 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks when applied as directed

Best Choice For AVERAGE Sized:
(Apx 3,600 sq ft)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 3,600 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks when applied as directed

Inside Use

Best Choice For

(Apx up to 900 sq. feet)

  • Attics
  • Basements & Garages
  • Kitchens & Other Rooms
  • Sheds & Porches

    Stored Vehicles & RVs
  • 1 Car or Truck
  • 1 4-Wheeler/Golf Cart
  • 1 Small Watercraft
  • 1 Small Motorhome
  • 1 Small Trailer

Protects vehicles and areas up to 900 sq. ft. for up to 60 days
when applied as directed

Best Choice For
LARGER Homes & Buildings

(Apx 3,000+ sq ft)

  • Attics
  • Basements & Garages
  • Kitchens & Other Rooms
  • Sheds & Porches

    Stored Vehicles & RVs
  • 2 Cars or Trucks
  • 2 4-Wheelers/Golf Carts
  • 1 Large Watercraft
  • 1 Large Motohome
  • 1 Large Trailer

Protects vehicles and areas up to 1,800 sq. ft. for up to 60 days
when applied as directed


Shake-Away Small Animals

Shake-Away Rodent Repellent 12lb Size $74.95

Best ChoiceFor LARGER Sized:(Apx 10,000 sq ft)

  • Gardens
  • Yards
  • Flowerbeds
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 10,000 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks when applied as directed

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