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Deer In My Garden/Flowerbed

Deer In My Yard/Landscaping

I am So Happy That Our Flowers Will Not Be Eaten This Year
We live in the DC metro area. Who would imagine that we would have a deer problem? For the past 5 years, we’ve tried many different methods to keep the deer away. No success. I found Shake-Away and am pleased to report that it’s working. We have not seen evidence of deer and we are very pleased. I am so happy that our flowers will not be eaten this year!
Amy Brand – Centreville, VA

Love It, Love It, Love It
Sent away for 2 of your Shake-Away and am absolutely delighted. I ordered “Deer” & “Domestic Cat” and haven’t had a problem with either since we had deer coming through every other day and tried everything and since I sprinkled Shake-Away we have not been bothered. Also our cat problem in our gardens is solved. Love it, love it, love it. Also my husband has returned to his normal self rather than the madman he became trying to rid our yard of these pests. But just this morning he found gopher holes so can you please send us something for that. Hurry please!
Kellie Rosas – Anacortes, WA

The Deer Were Passing Right by the Garden
My neighbor couldn’t understand why the deer were passing right by the garden on their way to the woods behind our houses. “Coyote Urine” I explained. He was impressed! My peas, carrots, raspberries and beans have been spared.
Judy Asselin – Cheyney, PA

At One Point We Counted 14 Deer Eating At One Time
This winter we had 13 inches of snow – The deer devoured my landscaping they waited until we cleared our yard of snow, they ate up everything! (At one point we counted 14 deer eating at one time) I received my Shake-Away it has been 3 weeks, not one deer in sight. I’ve passed your information to my neighbors and co-workers who have been having problems with other animals. I’m thankful for this product. I have a few cats I need to send on vacation (smile) they seem to love my yard.
Esther Glover – Accokeek, MD

I have a lot of Flowers & I am finally enjoying them
For many years now I have been having problems with deer eating my flowers, trees and shrubs. I have tried so many remedies, until I got on the internet and found Critter Repellent. It was easy to buy and was shipped to me within 3 days. I have a lot of flowers and I am finally enjoying them. Shake away has controlled my problem. I am so very please and would recommend this product to anyone having problems with deer.
Marlene Wright – Green River, WY

The Deer Are Now Eating Our Neighbors Plants
We were having a problem with deer eating our hosta, lilies, impatience and live forever plants. We tried the Deer Repellent and it worked wonders. The deer stopped eating our plants. The deer are still present we know because they are now eating our neighbors plants. We like the product and have just purchased 2 more cans of it.
Nickolas Aprigliano – Midlothian, VA

Something That Works & is not Harmful to the Wild or Environment
Thanks you (FINALLY) something that works & is not harmful to the wild or the environment. I have 2 gardens & a lot of deer and raccoons in my surroundings. Now we can all live in harmony together. I would advise people to try your product. It’s just common sense to do things the NATURAL way as God intended. Thanks again for a wonderful – working product which I highly recommend to anyone. Keep up the “good work”.
Frances Walp – Camden, TN

Since Using Shake-Away, They Keep Their Distance
I have lots of deer that graze through our property. They love to graze my plants too, even the ones on the porch. Since using Shake-Away, they keep their distance, and my plants are finally starting to flower and grow.
Patricia Vermillion – Atascadero, CA

Why It’s Important To Renew The Application
The deer from a local regional park were coming during the night and stripping my garden and flower bed. At the beginning of 2003 growing year I applied Shake-Away as directed. I had no deer until Sept when I become delinquent and did not renew the application on time. Once I again used the product the deer no longer came. I’m a believer.
Mary Stark – Bloomington, MN

I Tried Many “Deer Repellent” But They Never Worked
I had lots of deer problems since I moved in the new house two years ago. I tried many “deer repellent” but they never worked. Trees were hit by deer and flowers were eaten. Since I used the Shake-Away a couple weeks ago they didn’t touch my tree or flower beds. Thank you!
Andy Wong – Austin, TX

My Wife & I Watched In Horror
After investing hours of work in planting hundreds of tulip bulbs, my wife and I watched in horror as one by one our bulbs were eaten by deer! As much as we love deer, we did not want them eating our hard work. We tried Shake-Away Deer & Large Animal Granules & the results were fantastic! After just two applications, NO DEER! Excellent product! And our bulbs look spectacular! Thank you!
Steven Baez – Lake Forest, IL

My Plants & I Thank You
We live in a high density deer area near a country club. The deer move very freely, eating the plants and ruining trees. Since I have applied your product, we have not seen any deer. Now our neighbors have noticed them still at their homes and will probably have to use the coyote solution too. My plants and I thank you.
E. Gallenstein – Cincinnati, OH

It Is A Great & Convenient Product & Very Inexpensive
I have always had problems with deer eating my garden as it grows out of the ground. I also had spent $90 in bulbs to have a beautiful tulip garden and the 1st year they came up the deer chewed them all up right to the ground. I did everything to try and keep the deer out and nothing worked until I got the Shake-Away Critter Repellent. I now can enjoy my tulip garden and veggie gardens. It is a great and convenient product that is easy to apply and very inexpensive. Thank you so much for saving my gardens.
Tina Jahn – Port Hope, MI

Shake-Away Has Made a Believer Out of Me
Blood meal, moth balls, even human hair from the barber shop – I’d tried them all to discourage pesky deer from destroying my garden each summer. I was about to give up when I read about Critter-Repellent in a Charlotte Observer Article on gardening. Shake-Away has made a believer out of me. My family is enjoying garden fresh vegetables for the first time in five years. Count on another order next spring!
L. Roland Freeman Jr. – Lancaster, SC

The Animals are running Around in Someone Else’s Back Yard!!
I have been upset for years because of the deer eating all my plants, bushes and flowers. Even the ones they aren’t supposed to like. Since I started using Shake-Away (beginning of May), I have not seen a deer!! Even the squirrels and ground hogs are running around in someone else’s back yard!!
Belinda Pucillo – Cedar Grove, NJ

It Does Not Harm Your Plants
The problem I have is deer eating all plants including trees. Your product “Shake-Away” has stopped the deer from coming into my yard to eat the plants and trees. Nothing else has stopped them. It is a great product. It does not harm your plants.
Shirley Rampellery – Havre, MT

For 4 Years They Have Been Eating Away at the Fruit of my Labor
We moved into a new subdivision with a retention pond and green belt 5 years ago. This was home to the deer in our area. Our problem: The deer family of 3 decided my hibiscus, roses, and Hawthorne were more delicious than what they were used to. So for 4 years they have been eating away at my fruit of my labor. I’ve tried human hair, moth balls, etc. Not until I tried Deer and Large Animal Granules did my roses and hibiscus have a chance at flowering. This works well; and still works with all the rain we get as well.
Lori Lloyd – Orlando, FL

We’ll enjoy a Full Crop Thanks to the Shake-Away
Last year the deer invaded our garden and had hearty meals each time we replanted which greatly reduced our harvest. This year, I sprinkled the Critter Repellent prior to planting, and multiple times as per the instructions. The garden is maturing nicely and it’s looking like we’ll enjoy a full crop thanks to the Shake-Away.
Tricia Pitts – Weatherford, TX

We Just Followed the Instructions with Great Success
I have lived at present address for 5 years in the spring deer eat our flowers and shrubs. In the fall we have an apple tree and they are in the yard every evening eating apples from the tree. My wife ordered coyote urine. We have beautiful flowers this spring an there has not been a sign of a deer in our yard. We just followed the instructions with great success. I have told several friends about your product.
O. Robert Twigg – Cumberland, MD

I Hung Critter Repellent in Trees
Deer were eating everything – vegetables, flowers, shrubs and fruit trees. I hung Critter Repellent in trees, and spread around other damaged plants. The deer came around but would stop away from the treated areas. As 3 months arrived, the damage began again on the trees, but new hangings again kept them away.
Robert Mason – Lexington, MA

They Kept Their Distance
I have lots of deer that graze through our property. They love to graze my plants too, even the ones on the porch. Since using Shake-Away, they keep their distance, and my plants are finally starting to flower and grow.
Patricia Vermillion – Atascadero, CA

It Has Been a Blessing to Find a Product with Wonderful Results
Living inside the city limits of Charlotte, NC one would never think of having deer come in your yard and chew on hosta and tomato plants. Were we shocked! I search on the internet and quickly chose Critter-Repellent. It has been a blessing to find a product with wonderful results.
LeeAnn Hopkins – Charlotte, NC

Regretting not buying it sooner
We didn’t apply the granules soon enough to prevent early visits by deer to our vegetable garden. However, after a couple of weeks they did bypass the garden. Next season we will get it out much sooner.
J. Booth – Renton, WA

I am Looking Forward To Seeing My Tiger Lilies This Year!
I have had an on going problem with deer. Up to now nothing I’ve used worked. I must say after using “Shake-Away” for 2 months my problem seems to be solved. I’m looking forward to actually seeing my tiger lilies this year!
Michael Arcovia – Thunaston, CT


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Outside Use

Best Choice For SMALLER Sized:
(Apx 1,500 sq ft)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 1,500 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks when applied as directed

Best Choice For AVERAGE Sized:
(Apx 3,600 sq ft)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 3,600 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks when applied as directed

Best Choice For
(Apx up to 10,000 sq. feet)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 10,000 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks
when applied as directed

Best Choice For
(Apx up to 100 sq ft per pack)

  • Trees
  • Bushes
  • Shrubs
  • Plants

Protects up to 100 sq. ft. per pack for up to 90 days
when applied as directed

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