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Cats In My Garden/Flowerbed

Cats On My Car

Cats In My Yard/Landscaping

I Realized I Had Built a Large Cat Box
Last summer I built a garden box to grow various fruits and vegetables. I soon realized that I had built a rather large cat box! I realized I would not be able to stop this problem on my own without breaking the law! As well as someone's heart. As I explored various counter measures I was soon optimistic after my web search for a product that would deter cats from my yard and garden box. The Critter Repellent was the perfect solution; although I had to reapply due to rain here in Washington State I have found no kitty rocca in my garden box in the past few weeks!
Paul Phillips - Everett, WA

My Cypress Mulch Was the Hot Spot
CATS, CATS, CATS, and not my CATS. My cypress mulch became the hot spot for potty time. I tried everything - mothballs, coffee grounds, orange peels, 4 or 5 dog & cat repellents from Lowe's or Home Depot. Finally - thank goodness for your product IT WORKS! So far I've used it for 3 weeks & have gone from 10 or 11 piles a day to 1 or 2 a week. Love you, Love you!! I hope it doesn't let me down now that spring is coming & it's time for fresh mulch.
Stephanie Pike - Henderson, KY

Shake-Away Is a Modern Day Miracle!
Thank you for making a product available that is safe for our pets, children, etc and allows us the peace of mind to know our beautiful fish and pond water flowers are not being destroyed by raccoons, possums, & skunks. Shake-Away is a modern day miracle! We are sharing our 4th bottle with our neighbors. Thank you again & again.
Jayelle Sargent - Leucadia, CA

No More Flower Beds Being Dug Up
I recently moved to a new neighborhood - my yard is plagued with digging cats and annoying squirrels. I decided to try Shake-Away for the cat problem after seeing it at your website. Despite an unusual amount of rainy weather - it really works! This means no more flower beds being dug up and no smelly cat urine odor. Now I'm ready to tackle the squirrel problem. Thank you!
Port Washington, NY

The Cat Now Sits With a Strange Look on its Face A neighbor's cat was constantly using our flower bed as a litter box. I was initially a bit skeptical, but I tried the domestic cat repellant, and to my surprise, it seems to have worked. It has been almost two weeks now and we have not found any of the cat's little presents in our flower bed. The cat now sits in the yard next door with a strange look on its face. Thanks!
David Herman - Seattle, WA

A Shake of Shake-Away
Stray cats tend to have their litters in our neighbors rather messy backyard. The cats climb the fence into our yard and defecate in our flower beds. Our two poodle puppies find those feline piles irresistible! Not only for sniffing but for playing in and licking - yuk. And then they want to lick our faces! A Shake of Shake-Away in the flower bed and along the fence line does the trick - no more cat poop. I reapply about once a month or when there's a new litter. I've tried lots of other products and yours is the only one that works without killing the grass. Thank you!
Marcia Adams - San Angelo, TX

No More Smells Emanating From Flowerbeds
Neighborhood cats loved using my flowerbeds as their liter box. I didn't know what to do. I could hold my own against the pests during daylight hours, but what could I do at night? Traps didn't seem humane. So "Shake-Away" was a solution I was willing to try. So far, I'm about two weeks into this, "Shake-Away" has worked beautifully. What a great solution. I love waking up and seeing no mulch tossed onto my concrete driveway, no cat poop smells emanating from flowerbeds, and no dirt & mulch moved around in the flower beds proper. I'll keep using Shake-Away with these fantastic results.
Chuck Crook - Venice, CA

Now She Can Go Outside Without Worry
My mother-in-law was having a terrible problem with the neighborhood cats using her yard as their toilet. They would spray on her front and back doors, flowers, trees, and newspapers. She had tried a product that was recommended by a local nursery but it didn't work at all. I decided to search online for a cat repellent and found your website. I read the testimonials and ordered your product for her. WOW! My mother-in-law said that within days the cats stopped coming around. She can go outside without worry. Needless to say, she is very impressed with your product and I have promised to keep her supplied with it as long as necessary. Thank you so much
Barbra Black - Porterville, CA

I Tried Several Other Products
I was having a terrible time with cats in my garden. They were digging up my flowers and leaving me messes where the flowers use to be. I was at my wits end! I went on the internet and decided to try your product. I must admit I was a little skeptical as I had tried several other products with little or no luck. To my surprise "Shake-Away" worked like a charm! I am so happy to be able to enjoy my garden again. Thank you!
Tracy Sherman - Bradford, PA

It was only after 2 Florida Hurricanes That I needed to reapply!
The neighborhood cats (10 at last count) were making it impossible to sit by our pond - the smell of feces was terrible! After using Shake-Away Domestic Cat Granules I would see them sneaking around and then come flying out of the bushes like they were being chased! It was only after 2 Florida Hurricanes that I needed to reapply! This stuff is great! Thanks I have passed this info on the others.
Lynn Fromer - Venice, Fl

I Was Desperate
I consider myself to be a rational, sane person - but a neighborhood cat was driving me crazy! Every night this elusive cat would dig up my newly planted flower bed and use it as a litter box. Every day, I would have to replant and clean up the mess. I tried a chemical from the home improvement store which lasted for only one day and bleached out my flowers. I tried pepper and vinegar - but to no avail! I was desperate, but didn't want to harm the cat (well maybe a little), that's when I tried Shake-Away. After only 2 days the activity stopped. It has been over 2 weeks now and my plants are finally flourishing!
Allen Niemynsti - Little Elm, TX

20 or More Cats Frequently Visited Our Yard
Just last week there were 20 or more cats that frequently visited our yard leaving their droppings behind after being fed by our neighbor (the cat-lover). Only one bottle of your product has reduced the count of felines to 4 or 5 cats on a regular basis. Hope another bottle of your product will cure our problem. If so, we will become a regular consumer. These cats however are not "domestic" but seem to be "wild".
Karen Engels - Miami Beach, FL

My Prayers Were Answered
I was having a big problem with cats. Around one tree, plants & mulch. Every morning before I went to work, I'd notice cat poop. This went on for days & then days went into weeks. I was so frustrated that I didn't know what to do. I knew I could buy a liquid, but anytime it would rain, I would have to reapply. And I would have to be careful not to get any on my plants. Then I came across this website and my prayers were answered. After one treatment, there were no signs of any cats. I used the entire bottle, and not only did it keep the cats away, I didn't notice any small creatures around either. I can't thank you enough.
Michelle McBride - Riverside, NJ

It Approached the Garden & Did a Prompt U-Turn
We were having a serious problem with a neighborhood cat using our front garden as a litter box. Everyday we would clean the cat poop which I think just encouraged it more. I applied the Shake-Away for cats in my garden the day it arrived. The next day the cat approached the garden as usual and did a prompt U-Turn. I watched this cat run out into the middle of the street and sit. It sat looking around for about 5 minutes. Even a dog came up to the cat, and it still did not budge. Finally, it walked away. No problems since.
Clarissa Johnson - Corpus Christi, TX

Your Product Is Unbelievable!
I was having a very difficult time keeping cats from digging up my newly planted flowers and bulbs. I spent a lot of money and time replacing plants and trying to come up with new ways to keep cats out of my garden. Nothing worked. Then I found Shake-Away Cat Repellent. I haven't even seen a cat on our property since. It's been 2 months and I haven't had to deal with any cats using our flower beds as kitty litter! Your product is unbelievable!
Robin Grimm - Mckinleyville, CA

I Can Now Enjoy My Home
For the past two summers I have not been able to sit out on my patio of my condominium due to the fact that it smelled so bad from the many cats that relieved themselves in my flower bed and wall of ivy. This year it got so bad that there was the same awful odor in my front yard to the point that when I walked from my car to the front door, I thought I would throw up from the odor. It was so bad, I actually considered moving. Then someone told me about your product and I ordered it immediately. In only two applications the odors have disappeared. There are no words to describe to you just how grateful I am. I can now enjoy my home thanks to you and your product. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Emilie Posner - Atlanta, GA

I Had to Try Something New & Not Homemade
I have one word to say regarding your product: AMAZING. I have been struggling for months to solve the problem of the dozens of feral cats that roam my neighborhood and use my cactus garden & flower beds as their litter box. I have lost several prize cacti due to the zealous behavior of the cats so I had to try something new and not homemade (lemons, red pepper, coffee, etc). Then I purchased your product and magically no more cats. I'm so pleased with your product and the fact that it is organic and non-toxic is so important to me and my family. I have recommended it to lots of friends and neighbors.
Michael Wade - Oakland, CA

We Are 100% Satisfied
It is like a miracle! For four years we have tried everything to discourage cats from using our vegetable and flower garden as their litter box; breaking plants; knocking the top off of the birdbath; stalking birds that we feed and yowling under our bedroom windows at night. After the First application of Shake-Away all of the cats simply vanished! We are 100% satisfied with this incredible product! Thank you!
Jeannette Haley - Nampa, ID

We Have Tried so many Home Remedies
We have tried so many home remedies, ammonia, vinegar, moth balls, etc. to stop cats from using our garden for their bathroom, nothing seems to work. We went to the computer for help. We came across your article Shake-Away and gave it a try. We are so pleased with the results and will continue to use your excellent product. We have highly recommended your product to our friends and neighbors. Goodbye cats. Thank you.
Lucille Dubour - Phoenix, AZ

A Product That Doesn't Harm Our Fellow Creatures
We were having a problem with cats digging up our flower gardens in the front and the back of our house. Our yards are very large and no matter where we planted flowers, the stray cats in our neighborhood found them! We have been using Domestic Cat Granules for 1 year now and our flower gardens are alive, colorful and healthy. Thank you for making a product that helps us and doesn't harm our fellow creatures of the earth!
Maureen Roe - Fremont, CA

I am Happy Having Great Peace of Mind
I was sick and tired of chasing cats from my nice and expensive deck furniture, and then picking up from my garden the mess of the fourteen stray cats my neighbor decided to feed without considering how annoying this could be for her neighbors. Then in my quiet rage, I discovered through a search engine your product which is 100% all natural and harmless. Without conflict, today I am happy having great peace of mind - no more cats on my deck furniture nor in my garden. Indirectly, my immediate neighbor also got sweet relief without knowing the reasons, since he couldn't (as a human) smell the new discovery in my yard. Thank you so much Shake-Away. Keep it up!
Stephane Korkeogo - Central Islip, NY

My Garden is no Longer Their Personal "Bathroom"
I have a perennial flower bed next to my house. I also have 2 small flower/vegetable gardens. There are several neighborhood cats that use these as their "litter box'. I ordered a bottle of Shake-Away for Domestic Cats which contains coyote/fox urine granules. I'm happy to say the cats don't use my gardens any more for their persona; "Bathroom"! The product definitely worked for my problem!
Paul Schlosser - Standish, ME

I No Longer Have To Be Embarrassed
I am really amazed that there is a product to keep the neighborhood cats out of my flowerbeds! There were times you could smell the cat poop as you walked up to my front door. I no longer have to worry about being embarrassed when friends come over. The best result is the ability to garden and not find hidden surprises. Thank you for such a good product. I have told numerous friends and neighbors about Critter-Repellent. Thanks.
Ann Curtoni - Oakdale, CA

I Was On the Verge of Trapping
My neighbors took in a pregnant stray cat. We had just spent a great deal on a large rose garden and bark mulch to dedicate our mothers passing. The stray and her 6 kittens set up shop and designated it as their personal litter box. We chase them, squirt them to no avail. We asked the neighbors to get a litter box but they don't use it. The kittens are grown and have torn the weed cloth. Needless to say it is quite a chore to keep up with 7 cats using this space to defecate. I was absolutely amazed to find that after sprinkling Shake-Away the very first morning - No poop to pick up. It has been two weeks now and I will be reapplying Shake-Away and only hope it continues to detract these animals. I was on the verge of trapping them but didn't want to upset the neighbors but felt it was my only resolution until I tried your product.
Kathleen Watson - Imperial Beach, CA

Tried Everything But Shake-Away Has Saved the Day  
My wife & I have had a persistent problem with stray neighborhood cats “relieving themselves” in the bushes by our front porch. As you can imagine, this is terribly unpleasant! After trying everything from chicken wire on the ground to pepper on the plants, nothing worked. Then we learned about Shake-Away! A simple treatment with Shake-Away has solved our problem!! Thank you Shake-Away!  
Newell James – Portland, OR

Shake-Away Skeptic Turned Believer: “Lo & Behold, It Works!”  
So, I was slightly skeptical, but desperate enough to try your product anyway. Lo and behold, it works! Our cat (and perhaps other cats) was using my new raised bed garden as a giant) litter box. I’ll reapply every once in a while to make sure. Thanks for having a product that does what it says it will do!  
Jackman Autumn – Bristol, VT 
Got Almost Instant Results with Shake-Away  
I have 2 new kittens. They were using my flower bed as a litter box. After I put the Shake-Away on, they found a new spot to do their business. It was almost instant results. One of the kittens took a little longer to catch on but she got it eventually. 
P.S. I cleaned out the yucky dirt and mulch before I put the Shake-Away on. I don’t know if it made a difference but I thought it might. 
Vagner Angela – Kannapolis, NC

Shake-Away Solved Our Problem Effectively and Humanely  
Our problem was a little different. A neighbor’s cat wandered over looking for food, but did no harm to the garden, etc. We took pity on her and fed her. This progressed to a point where she spent her days on our porch, or squeeze past us into the house, nearly tripping us as we tried to go about our normal activities. We knew we had to do something to break this pattern, but we didn’t want to harm her. Through an internet search, we found your Shake-Away Cat Deterrent. We purchased a 20 oz. container and shook some of it on the ground around the outside edges of the 10 ft. x 20 ft. open concrete porch and under the entrance door to the kitchen. She came and sniffed along it for a few feet, then within a day or two stopped coming over. This solved our problem effectively and humanely. Thank you. 
Sanford R.W. – Wilmington, DE  
Very Happy Homeowner with Cat-Free Yard  
After converting our front lawn to perennials and shrubs with a bark mulch, the neighborhood cats began to use it as their private litter box. I became increasingly frustrated and angry when day after day I came home to find new “piles” all over my yard. I tried mothballs, red pepper, animal repellent granules, even a fancy (and expensive!) electronic device that was “guaranteed” to keep out unwanted animals. None of those methods provided any relief. I read online about Shake-Away & decided to give it a try. After the initial application I had 2 more instances, but followed the directions & treated those areas again. The result is an undisturbed, cat-free, attractive yard and very happy homeowner. Thank you for such a great product! 
Fischer Cathy – Coeur d’Alene, ID

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Outside Use

Best Choice For SMALLER Sized:
(Apx 1,500 sq ft)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 1,500 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks when applied as directed

Best Choice For AVERAGE Sized:
(Apx 3,600 sq ft)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 3,600 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks when applied as directed

Best Choice For
(Apx up to 10,000 sq. feet)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 10,000 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks
when applied as directed

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