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Cats In My Garden/Flowerbed

Cats On My Car

Cats In My Yard/Landscaping

My Lawn Is No Longer Their Litter Box
Our problem was cats that live in our neighborhood were using my lawn to go to the bathroom. The cats would come into our lawn and go poo poo like it was their litter box. I ordered the Domestic Cat product from you and started using it. I sprinkled it over the lawn and the next morning I noticed no cat poo in my lawn. This Domestic Cat Granules really works to keep the cats out. I told my neighbor about what I was usin,g she has ordered the cat granules too. It works great. No more cats pooping in my yard. Thanks for a great product.
Brenda Lopez - Davie, FL

Now I Can Smell My Flowers
I was having a problem with the neighbor's cats using my front flower bed as a litter box. The yard smelled like a dirty litter box and my front doormat was always full of tufts of cat hair (one of them loved the feel of the doormat and would scare me half to death when I opened my front door). After using Shake-Away I can only smell the flowers and my doormat is free of cat hair. I found your product on the internet and sort of laughed about it at first. Now that I know it actually works, I have my gardener apply it year round.
Beverly Hoffmann - Sausalito, CA

No More Buried Treasures
Hello! Thank you for a great product! I just had my home landscaped and was tired of the neighborhood cats using my garden as a cat box. I tried several products with very little results. I did a web search for cat repellant and found your product. Since using it over 3 weeks ago, I have had no more "buried treasures" in my garden. Thank you again.
Carlos Vides - New Orleans, LA

We'll No Longer Be the Short-Cut
We've had a cat in the yard problem for about two years. Urinating and worse in our children's play area, which is sand covered. In addition, knocking over potted plants and destroying flowers by rolling on them. We tried everything - including commercial repellent from pet stores. You guessed it - nothing worked - until our first container of shake away. Within two days of using 90 % of the problem stopped. We're just finishing our second week & feel confident the rest (running through our yard like a bat out ------to get home) will stop & we'll no longer be the short-cut. Keep it coming...
Fred Hummel - Albuquerque, NM

The Problem Is Completely Solved
Our neighbor's cats use our backyard as their litter. My children could not play in the backyard. We tried cat repellent, which didn't work. Also cleaning this is a long and unpleasant job. We even thought of selling the house in a few years. Then my wife advised me to search the internet and we found your product. Once we used the Domestic Cat Granules, the problem is completely solved. Our children could play in the backyard. What a relief!
John Mony - New Hyde Park, NY

Cats are no Longer Sunning Themselves on My Deck
When we moved into our house 2 years ago I quickly realized a neighbor 2 doors down had several stray cats. These cats have had kittens under my deck and in my garage. They also use the space under my deck as a bathroom, we can smell the cat urine in the house and we can't enjoy the deck. I used one bottle of the Shake-Away Domestic Cat Granules around my deck and around the edges of my property. My lot is 60x100 and one bottle covered it all plus around the deck. I no longer find cats sunning themselves on my deck, fighting in the middle of the night under my bedroom windows & having kittens in my yard. I've told all my neighbors how great Shake-Away is, its like magic - it made all the cats disappear. Thanks!!!
Lisa Mancini - Massapequa, NY

Now They Make 90% Turns
My neighbor started by feeding a single stray cat. That was 2 ½ years ago. Today, there are two dozen of them. Since they ate in her yard, they used my yard as a litter box. Well, no more. I used your Domestic Cat Granules. I really laid it on all along the perimeter and in the front and side flower beds. Now they make 90% turns when they hit my property line. Bravo!
Neil Giannelli - Woodhaven, NY

I've Told All My Friends
For the past year, I've had a problem with the neighborhood cats using my mulched flower beds as their litter box. Aside from the mess they made by digging, we began to detect an odor near our front steps. Not wanting to harm them, I searched online for a safe solution and found your website. I compared it to some others I found, then chose Critter-Repellent. After cleaning out the beds, I sprinkled it around my whole house and immediately saw results! No more cats! Thank you! (I've told all my Friends).
Suzanne Mitchell - Old Forge, PA

Just Be Patient
All the neighbor cats (seemed like all!) Were using our planting areas - front yard for a litter box - totally disgusting and smelly! I found Shake-Away on the internet and figured I have nothing to lose because it's guaranteed, plus the sprays at the pets store were expensive and toxic. Shake-Away was effective immediately, and then I found the occasional ‘pile" but that tapered off and now there is nothing! Just be patient and the cats will stop coming completely in a month or so!
Debbie Norris - Lake Stevens, WA

It Works Great
Recently we put an addition on the back of our trailer house and all of a sudden the neighbor cats were using the fresh dirt for their litter box. I had checked on the internet and read about your products, so I thought I would try it. It works great! The cats even stay out of our bushes. Thanks for the great product.
Kathryn Gebeke - Choteau, MT

Tried Other Products but Were Only Effective 2-4 Days
I was having problems with domestic cats using my lawn and planter box as their litter box. Via the internet I discovered our product and decided to try it. I had used a couple other products on the market but they were only effective 2-4 days. Just a little of your product seems to go a long way and it's an added bonus that it is not affected by occasional rain and light watering. I'm grateful to have found your product and highly recommend it.
J. Tong - Novato, CA

It Was Awful
Shake-Away has helped us a lot. We had a problem with a cat going to the bathroom in our yard and around our pool. It was awful. We had to be very careful of what we put down to repel this cat, because we also have a 9 month old bloodhound puppy who is out in our yard often. Shake-Away was the ONLY SAFE cat repellent we could use, and it works great!!! I would highly recommend this product. Our yard is a nice place to be now! Thanks to Shake-Away.
Shelley Dejesu - Plainview, NY

We Had Become the Neighborhood Cat Hangout
We moved into a new house and put mulch around our plants and shrubs. Before we knew it, we had become the new neighborhood cat hangout and litter box. As happy as we were with our landscaping, we were equally disgusted by the odor from the cats. We purchased the domestic cat granules, put it in our yard and bushes and went on vacation. Upon returning, we see the cats skirting our yard and going to others. We are giving our neighbors the paperwork to order Shake-Away to solve their "new" problem.
Richard Shick - Lakeland, FL

No Longer the Favored Litter Box
We had a routine problem with neighborhood cats using our gravel pathway as their personal litter box. No matter what we did the "cats came back" again and again. I searched the web for possible solutions.'s Domestic Cat product worked like a charm. We applied the Shake-Away every couple of weeks and our gravel patch is no longer the favored litter box of felines in our neighborhood. No cats, no mess and a much happier homeowner.
Nancy Doehler - San Carlos

It Was Embarrassing
My neighbor's outdoor cats constantly used the shrubbery around my house as a toilet. On the few days in the mid south when you would like to have windows open, mine were shut tight because of the stench of cat urine. It was embarrassing to have anyone come to the front door because of this problem. After a week to ten days there was a great improvement even though we had some heavy rain. After two weeks the smell had disappeared completely. Thanks for a great product.
Patricia Ronan - Oakland, TN

I Am Quite Amazed
For quite some time, I was having a problem with a cat creating a mess in my yard. I tried using ‘Cat & Dog" repellent in aerosol cans. This was ineffective and expensive. I tried many other things. I was in such despair. But how wonderful that I discovered the Fox-Urine Granules on the internet. I am quite amazed that my problem was solved with just one application. I am definitely going to continue using this granules. I just wish I could have known about the Critter-Repellent Co. much sooner! Thank you.
Charles Millikin - Johannesburg, CA

No More Chasing
I am pleased to share with you our success story with the Shake-Away Product. We have a neighbor who feeds all the neighborhood cats in her backyard. The cats have to pass our backyard for them to be able to get to hers. They used to sit in our backyard and wait to see when she would put our their food. They littered, were noisy and stunk up our property. They were a big nuisance. Now with the use of Shake-Away they don't enter our property, instead you see them walk on the fence to get to the neighbors backyard. What a pleasure! No More Chasing!
C. Bauer - NY, NY

No More Muddy Paw Prints
I don't own a cat but I couldn't turn over a shovelful of dirt in my yard without finding cat poop. They would spray my front porch and get muddy paw prints all over my car. I have a 3 ½ year old son who could not play in his own yard because there was cat poop everywhere. I put the Shake-Away around the perimeter of the yard as well as the problem areas. It seems to have kept them away. Now my neighbors want some too.
Aubrey Santillan - Redding, CA

You Can Imagine Our Frustration
My wife and I are avid gardeners and take great pride in growing our own fruits and vegetables, so you can imagine our frustration in having to deal with cats "littering" our yard and making a mess in our flower beds. But, no more! After using Shake-Away our problem was solved. Now our feline friends can spoil someone else's garden. Thank you!
Robert Malloy - Freeland, PA

My 1st Reaction Was How Gross!
When my husband found your products on the internet; my 1st reaction was - how gross!! We were having problems with cats using our back yard as a litter box. Our back yard is a very small area and the odor from cat urine/feces was unbearable!! The very day we got Shake-Away in the mail, I used it because I wanted to be able to tell my husband it doesn't work. Well I have to tell you it's been almost a month and we've had no problems!! Shake-Away is the best!!
Cheryl Anderson - Atlantic Highlands, NJ

I Could Not Be Happier
I recently moved to a new home and discovered soon afterwards that the neighbors have a habit of picking up stray cats. Of course, the cats insist on using my yard for their restroom. After having tried every remedy I could find, I came across your product and decided to see what it would do. The problem has all but disappeared after one application. I've re-ordered your product for maintenance purposes and could not be happier.
Alane Robinson - Fair Oaks, CA

I was astonished With the Results!
I recently bought a house in a beautiful neighborhood. Everything about my home and the surrounding area was perfect except for the old lady across the street that owns 13 cats! They constantly did their business in my landscaping and kicked up mulch and my flowers. Making my front yard look atrocious (and smell pretty bad too). I have tried nearly every product at the pet stores, but nothing worked. I decided to look on the internet as a last resort. I ordered the "Shake-Away" cat deterrent and was astonished with the results! In less then two weeks, I noticed that the cats are away from my house and in other people's yards looking for a new adventure.
Mandy Luthman - Greensboro, NC

They Don't Even Cross the Street
It works "Great". For some reason the cats in my area have started using my yard as a litter box just in the last 6 months. I have tried everything I know to get rid of them, short of catching them and taking them to a new area of town. Shake-Away has made them go away, "Over Night". They don't even cross the street into my yard.
Ron Kvetensky - Phoenix, AZ

Tired of Picking up Deposits
One of the new cats in the neighborhood selected my mulched area along my driveway as its personal litter box. I was tired of picking up its deposits everyday and found your product via the internet. I was somewhat skeptical but found all the testimonials promising. I tried it and found the product does work. The cat seems to have chosen elsewhere for its business. I have recommended your product to others for its effectiveness and ease of application.
Elizabeth Horan - Webster, MA

Shake-Away Scares the Cats Away

I had neighborhood cats taking over my yard. They started spraying my shrubs and my front porch and front door and my back door. I put down Shake-Away cat deterrent granules ten (10) days ago, and I have not seen a cat in my yard since. Plus I have not seen any new spray markings. This morning two cats walked by the house without even stopping.
Williams Bruce – Oakland, CA

Wow! Within 5 Days Not a Cat In Sight
Thank you for Shake-Away. It was wonderful. I had 2 cats from one neighbor and 1 cat from another neighbor. All three cats were using my black dirt alongside my house for their cat litter. The cats also tore up my grass seed that was planted in black dirt. The cats also used my property for crossing through the yard. I sprinkled Shake-Away around the perimeter of the house, as per directions on the container and wow! Within 5 days there wasn’t a cat in sight or roaming around at night looking for my house as their deposit area. The product is GREAT and does what it is supposed to do
Bizal Richard – Mountain Iron, MN
 Shake-Away Will Be A Permanent Fixture Of Our Landscape

Before Shake-Away, cats’ poop appeared to be a part of our landscape. Every morning there seemed to be fresh new deposits all over our front and rear lawn. Now that we’ve purchased Shake-Away, all that poop is a thing of the past. It is as if we’ve built a solid barbed wire fence around the entire perimeter of our home. THANK YOU Shake-Away! Now Shake-Away will be a permanent fixture of our landscape.
Ingram Kevin – Brooklyn, NY  

Shake-Away Saved My Porch & My Friendship With My Neighbor  
My neighbor has for years fed stray cats. Lots of them! The problem is that my porch is used by some of the cats. It smells of cat urine & the cushions on my furniture is covered with car hair. As a last resort—because I really don’t want to file a complaint and ruin our relationship—I purchased Shake-Away Domestic Cat Repellent. It worked! My porch is mine again! No smell! No hair! And, my neighbor and I are still friends. 
Risoldi A.G. – Lewisberry, PA

Shake-Away Has Kept Every Cat Away  
Our household cat & every other cat in the neighborhood loves our house. They eat, drink & sleep here. We took down a backyard fenced in patio & they made themselves at home. I like cats and all but it was too much. Your product has kept every cat away. I still can’t believe it, but it is true. I’ve not seen one since. Thank you.
Williams Valerie – Idaho Falls, ID

Absolutely Zero Cat Business in Just 2 Weeks  
On the other side of our fence live two cats looked after by our neighbors. Instead of doing their business in their own yard they chose our nicely landscaped soft yard. After coming across your website on a search for natural cat repellents, I decided to give it a try. The directions on the bottle were to apply product lightly twice a week for two weeks. After the first week there was less cat business but still present. After the second week there was absolutely zero cat business. I am sold. 
Wices Mel – Walnut Creek, CA

Simply A Miracle! I’ve Outsmarted Those Kitty Cats!  
It’s simply a miracle! The day after sprinkling the granules throughout my landscaping I went out to check for paw prints and couldn’t believe that the area was left untouched! I used to get frustrated when I would go out to turn the mulch and find cat feces throughout my landscaping. All the hard work that I’ve put into it, it deserves to be left untouched. I’m so pleased with Shake-Away. I feel I’ve outsmarted those kitty cats! Thank you!!  
Doyle Elizabeth – Syracuse, NY  
Shake-Away: “A Get Out Of Jail” Free Card  
“A get out of jail” free card in short describes Shake-Away. My family and I were literally locked away from our lush backyard in fear of stepping on cat poop that littered our lawn (stray cats). Now after use of Shake-Away we can run free without concern of searching for the foul smell poop that sapped our joy!  
Jones Tiffany – Valley Stream, NY

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Outside Use

Best Choice For SMALLER Sized:
(Apx 1,500 sq ft)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 1,500 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks when applied as directed

Best Choice For AVERAGE Sized:
(Apx 3,600 sq ft)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 3,600 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks when applied as directed

Best Choice For
(Apx up to 10,000 sq. feet)

  • Gardens
  • Flowerbeds
  • Yards
  • Landscaping Areas

Protects areas up to 10,000 sq. ft. for up to 6 weeks
when applied as directed

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