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Squirrel In My House/Attic

Squirrel In My Birdfeeder

Squirrels In My Garden/Flowerbed

It Is Great to See Them Make a U-Turn
City squirrels get info everything, especially trash bags and trashcans making a mess and when they are not doing that, there in the garden, not no more Shake-Away works great, it is great to see them make a u-turn and go somewhere else.
Robert Colon - Philadelphia, PA

All the Animals Leave Us Alone
Last November my family and I purchased two apartment buildings, 12 units. The trash bin was a separate unit, detached made of wood with 3 self closing doors for the bagged garbage. Squirrels, cats, and possums frequented & tore the bags open making a mess. I plugged all the holes with boards but this did not help as the would chew holes in the doors. So I put metal around the doors, but they continued to chew the wood trying to get at the garbage. Later that month I was reading a trade magazine, your product looked like it worked, so I went on the internet & ordered it. The rest is history. All the animals leave us alone, no torn bags of garbage, no mess. Thank for a great product.
Andy Bisognano - Albany, NY

I had Extremely Aggressive Squirrels
I have extremely aggressive squirrels! They actually eat through the tops of my garbage cans & then eat & destroy my garbage! What a mess! I've replaced the cans multiple times & it happens again & again & again. I used the fox urine & 2 weeks later my problem seems to be gone! I've actually replaced my garbage cans again & hopefully for the final time. Thank you.
Tracy Hessani - Fair Lawn, NJ

Chipmunks & Mice Used to Move in Early In Sept.
I've been using Small Critter and Rodent Granules for the last 3 weeks and have seen a big difference in the number of chipmunks and squirrels around my house. I live in the woods in a seasonal new renovated camp. Chipmunks and mice used to move in early in Sept. This year there has been one mouse and no signs of chipmunks. I hope it stays that way. I plan to do a last dosing right before we leave in med November.
Jean W. Gardner - Wayne, ME

We Would Definitely Recommend it to Our Friends
My father purchased a home this past fall and once the cold snow hit, he began hearing what sounded like squirrels nesting in the walls. After a couple of weeks of hearing this "scratching on the walls" sound, I began investigating options for him to get rid of this problem. I saw this product on the internet one day and decided to try it- it seemed like the most appropriate choice. It's safe, clean and quick. After about 2 shakings, h e hasn't heard any more scratching. He thanks you tremendously! We would definitely recommend it to any of our friends.
Marge Young - Twinsburg, OH

I Tried Your Product with Excellent Results
I am very pleased with the results of the Shake-Away Small Critter Granules. My neighbors regularly have squirrels taking residence in their attic, and they all too often visit my gardens. After much ruination of bulb plantings, I tried your product with excellent results. A big test coming this summer with a bed of summer lilies, but I'm confident that continued use will be the answer!! Thanks for the fine product and be assured of continued orders.
Jim Crowley - Providence, RI

The Squirrels Left the Same Day
Squirrels in my attic were driving me absolutely crazy for months! One day I happened to find Shake-Away online while researching the availability of products containing fox urine. I decided to give it a try because it seemed to be the easiest and most pleasant to use. I shook just a couple of ounces into two small containers and placed them on opposite sides of the attic, anxiously waiting to see results within a few weeks. The squirrels left that same day - and have not returned! That was well over a month ago. I tell everybody that I know. Thank you so much for this truly incredible product!
Barbara Siwecki - Dayton, OH

They Were Driving Me Crazy
The squirrels in our attic were driving me crazy! My husband patched the holes; they chewed through the wood. The county animal control office told us to put moth balls in the attic. That didn't stop the squirrels. I ordered "Shake-Away" and my husband put it in little pans in the attic. We haven't heard any squirrels again!
Etta J. Phillips - Stafford, VA

Now My Dog has nothing to Chase
I can't believe how quickly it got rid of my squirrel problem - we had them on the roof by the corner only one application of the granules and I haven't seen them in weeks - I also sprinkled it around the deck to keep them away from my flower pots and I think the only one upset they haven't come around is the dog. Now he has nothing to chase.
Barbara Ignoscia - North Plainfield, NJ

I Will Be Placing another Order
I had a problem with wood rats and squirrels! I put the Bobcat Urine in the attic for the squirrels and the Fox urine granules around the house and doorways and the tree that the rats were seen in. I'm so happy to say that it gave me peace off mind!! I have not seen any rats around the outside of my house or in the trees!! I also have not heard the squirrels in my attic. Thank you so much I will be placing another order.
Sharon Breen - Dallas, TX

Peace at Last
My situation was unique, as the squirrels had a way in to my attic, but I didn't. There was an addition added to the house, with no access into the attic. After about 3 days of scratching my ceiling, I had enough. So I went on line and searched for squirrel repellent. That's when Shake-Away appeared, and it did the job. I used it around the foundation of my addition, and peace at last. Thanks so very much! Excellent product!
Scott T. Heuskin - Mastic Beach, NY

Thanks for Solving My Problem
I have tried everything and really didn't think this would work either. The squirrels have been gnawing at the trim around my garage door. I ordered this product and put out lids on each side of the garage door with this product in it. I repainted the places where they had been trying to get in. Since I have put the lids out, not one squirrel has came around. This product really works. Thanks for solving my problem as no one else has ever been able to.
Charles D. Funderburg - Tipp City, OH

Poof, they're Gone!
Over this past winter, and into spring, squirrels took up residence in my tool shed. Several attempts to get them to move out failed. Just recently I noticed they were building nests and becoming quite "agitated" when anyone would enter the shed. Within 24 hours of sprinkling "Shake-Away" around the perimeter of the shed and placing three home-make "golf balls" (out of old pantyhose) inside the shed, the squirrels are nowhere to be seen. Poof, they're gone! Thank you!
Ron Broadbent - Charlottesville, VA

I'm Truly Satisfied
For about 4 weeks we had a squirrel or squirrels in a crawl area on our second floor bedroom space. It literally sounded like he was coming through the plaster walls. I found an opening in the eaves that looked like his way in. I hung a stocking with Shake-Away at the point of entry and also sprinkled Shake-Away in the crawl area. The rest I sprinkled around the house. I'm truly satisfied. No squirrels near our house nor crawl area. I highly recommend Shake-Away. This is on product that really works!
Hans Palinkas - Chicago, IL

Now They Hang Off My Neighbors Feeders
Squirrels ate my eaves, crawled up & down my house, ripped the siding, broke through & were in my attic. My son saw 4 of them up there - my other son found your site on the net & ordered granules & packs. I could not believe how fast it worked. I tossed one pack into the attic & one on my deck. Sprinkled Granules all around the outside of my house - They stopped trying to get in immediately - note have come near the house. Now they hang off my neighbor's feeders and stay away from me!! Thank you so much. I have referred a friend to you.
Phyllis Consentino - Methuen, MA

It Was Very Disturbing
We had a problem with squirrels crawling in the attic above the study. It was very disturbing. We tried moth balls and various other things. A relative told us about Shake-Away and it works great, we used some several months ago and the squirrels (or whatever was up there) are gone and thankfully we are not hearing "our Friends" when we are trying to work in our study anymore. We ordered a second bottle for some critters who were over our bedroom and they are now gone also. Thank you Shake-Away.
Jan Jaffe - Birmingham, AL

Now the Birds Get the Feed....Not the Critters
I had squirrels in my shed and chipmunks tunneling under my front stairs causing the cement to crack and fall away. By applying the fox urine in front of the shed and around my stairs every other day the critters stay away!! I even sprinkled some around my bird feeder posts and now the birds get the feed not the critters!! I love the stuff and have told family about it!!
Nancy Richard - Fitchburg, MA

Two Days Late - No More Squirrels!
We bought our house four months ago and much to our dismay found it to be infested with squirrels in the attic. We tried everything from mothballs to poison and nothing worked. Desperate, I went online to try and find a solution. I found the Shake-Away website and ordered the small critter granules. We received it three days later. We made balls out of an old pair of nylons and the granules. My husband then went up into the attic and deposited the balls into each corner. Two days later - no more squirrels! I cannot say enough good things about this amazing product.
Angela Luksha - Orange, MA

It Was Really Big & Fearless of Me!
We had squirrels in our attic. We could hear them jumping all over the place and chewing on things right over our heads. We even saw one of them and it was really big and fearless of me! But we put a couple dishes of Shake-Away out and they took off. We were able to repair the opening where they came in without worrying that we were locking them inside of our attic. It was great - no harm to the squirrels and our problem was solved.
Ann Solomon - Greenville, TX

Thanks for Putting Peace Back into My Family's Life
I was having a squirrel problem in my attic, and water garden. These annoying creatures would empty my bird feeders, and bury nuts, and dig up plants around my poi pond. Nothing else worked, and believe me I tried noise distractions, and even camped my dog out in my water garden when they got really bold. They also would rest in my attic until I discovered Critter-Repellent on the internet. Thanks for putting peace back into my family's life.
Terrell Simien - Houston, TX

"Bingo" There Gone
Chipmunks and Squirrels in my garage and I did not want to kill them. I sprinkled the Small Critter Granules Shake-Away around the perimeter of my house at "Bingo" there gone. Sent them packing their bags. This stuff works. I would highly recommend if you don't want chipmunks or squirrels in your house, garage, etc. In fact I wish I would have ordered 2 or 3 at the time.
Steve Van Vuren - Hudsonville, MI

Now we're Pretty Much Squirrel Free
We had two squirrels in the attic when we moved into our house. The house had been vacant for two years and the squirrels had really established themselves. When we first put out the Shake-Away it didn't seem like it bothered them. But, after a few weeks we started noticing less and less activity. Now we're pretty much squirrel free.
Chris Johnson - North Avavsta, SC

What a Marvelous Product!
We had a squirrel moved in our attic this summer, we bought Small Critter Granules Package and applied it at our attic path from the fence to the chimney (way they go from our attic) since then the little critter went away. What a marvelous product!
Les Tam - San Jose, CA

Shake-Away Seems to Have Scared Them Away
We were having a problem with squirrels in the attic of our barn as well as rodents in the walls of our house and under the crawl space. Since we put Shake-Away around the "active" areas, we have not seen or heard any more activity. We had been at our wits end because we tried humanely trapping the buggers, but they wouldn't go in the traps. Shake-Away seems to have scared them away. Thank God!
Mary Ashton - Winterport, ME

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Best Choice For: Small Gardens and Flowerbeds. The 28.5oz container will put down a line of protection up to 855 feet long. Applying as instructed, this container will protect an area upto 20 by 42 feet for a month.

Best Choice For: Average size gardens flowerbeds & yards, The 4 lb size will put down a line of protection up to 2000 feet long. Applying as instructed, this container will protect an area up to 50 by 100 feet for a month.

Best Choice For: Large Gardens, Yards and flowerbeds. The 12 lb size will put down a line of protection up to 6000 feet long. Applying as instructed, this container will protect an area up to 200 by 400 feet for a month.

Best Choice For: "Hard to get to" area such as under buildings, attics, roofs, crawl spaces. Each Kit makes 15 stocking balls.
Once made, stocking balls can be tossed into "hard to get to" areas.

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