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I’m Sure the Rats are Grateful Too
I had a problem with rats dining at my birdfeeders during the night. I regretfully used poison which worked, but the rats would resurface a couple of months later. I tried Shake-Away and it worked great! It’s been almost three months and still no sign of the rodents! It is so nice to be able to repel the unwanted critters without having to resort to killing them, which is something that I abhorred! Thanks so much for Shake-Away and I’m sure the rats are grateful too!
Faye McGee – Fort Myers, FL

Love Your Product
I’ve been having a problem all summer with a rat infestation in my garden and my patio. I had tried smoking them out, trapping them – nothing seemed to work. Thanks to your Shake-Away product and some “Trapper T-Rex Rat Traps”, I was able to eliminate them and kept them away with your product. Following your recommendations, I made some small balls of your product wrapped in nylon stockings and placed them in their holes. I actually saw one of these pest sniff around the hole and take off. Love your product!
Eugene Meeker – Chicago, IL

This Stuff Works
I just had my first vine ripened tomato of the season! Until I got Shake-Away our local rat had always beat me to them. This stuff works!
Jon Ruel – Davis, CA

This Did the Trick
Rats were being drawn to my backyard bird feeder. I wanted to get rid of them without either hurting or driving away the birds. This did the trick.
Michael Vogel – Colonia, NJ

Now My Boy Can Play in the Yard
I received my Shake-Away Rodent Granules and I am amazed at the results. All night I tapeworm the rats in my yard and when I used the Rodent Granules my problem is finished, because now I don’t have rats in my yard and my boy can play in the yard with out a problem. Thank you Crittter you are the best in this product.
Mario Tevenal – Bayamon, P.R.

We Were Horrified
We were horrified to find 3 rats living in our beautiful rock wall. We wanted to humanely get rid of them. Fast we tried pellets, but the little varmints just walked right over the moth-ball smelling granules. Then we used your rodent Shake-Away Granules & the rats went away in just 2 weeks. We re-applied as directed, and even though we’ve had the rainiest August ever – they’re gone! Thanks!
K. Williams – Port Jefferson, NY

Yeah Shake-Away
Many rats were tunneling from our neighbor’s garage the house is for sale and there’s a grapevine to our front yard where we had railroad logs that we had to chop up and dispose of. We sprinkled the Shake-Away and we are definitely seeing less and less rats. Providence had a rat problem big time maybe something can be done one by one. Yeah Shake-Away.
Jonathan Arvanites – Providence, RI

We Didn’t Have To Use Dangerous Chemicals or Traps
We had a rat (or maybe more!) living next to our house in a hole he dug. We would see him periodically on our deck. We used the Shake-Away granules for rodents about every 2 weeks for about a month and a half and we haven’t seen the rat! It worked great. The best part was not having to use dangerous chemicals or traps.
Wayne Carlson – Middletown, CT

The Dogs Have Stopped Barking at Night
We live near a drainage ditch which is located directly adjacent to railroad tracks. The area surrounding the ditch is overgrown thicket that is providing a perfect haven for rodents. About a year ago we began to notice evidence of the rodents in our backyard, as well as an increased amount of late night barking from our dogs. After catching 12 rats in rat traps, we realized we had a bigger problem. We couldn’t use poison because of our dogs, so we kept using traps. This worked for a couple of months, but then the traps stopped working, and the dogs progressively increased their barking more and more. Discouraged by the situation, we turned to Shake-Away. After a couple of applications of Shake-Away, the dogs stopped barking at night because the rodents were no longer coming into our yard. We re-apply Shake-Away once a month and have not seen evidence of rodents in over 4 months.
Kevin Page – Smyrna, GA

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Best Choice For: Small Gardens and Flowerbeds. The 28.5oz container will put down a line of protection up to 855 feet long. Applying as instructed, this container will protect an area upto 20 by 42 feet for a month.

Best Choice For: Average size gardens flowerbeds & yards, The 4 lb size will put down a line of protection up to 2000 feet long. Applying as instructed, this container will protect an area up to 50 by 100 feet for a month.

Best Choice For: Large Gardens, Yards and flowerbeds. The 12 lb size will put down a line of protection up to 6000 feet long. Applying as instructed, this container will protect an area up to 200 by 400 feet for a month.

Best Choice For: "Hard to get to" area such as under buildings, attics, roofs, crawl spaces. Each Kit makes 15 stocking balls.
Once made, stocking balls can be tossed into "hard to get to" areas.

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