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Shake-Away Small Critter Repellent

The Easiest Way to Get Rid of Rats is Shake-Away All Natural Rat Repellent

Over 17,000 customers have rated us :

Shake-Away the Strongest Rat Repellent in Nature for Getting Rid of Rats

What is Shake-Away rat repellent? It is a scientifically proven, all natural and effective product to get rid of rats. It contains a unique combination of organic oils that are repulsive to all rodents. Shake-Away Rodent Granules use penetrating vapors from its unique formula to irritate the rodent’s sensitive nervous system and to make the area treated with Rodent Repellent Granules uninhabitable. Getting rid of rats is as easy as sprinkling Shake-Away Repellent around the area you want to protect.

Easy to Use - just sprinkle the granules on the ground and watch it work!

Being rid of your rat problem is as simple sprinkling the all-natural Shake-Away granules around the area you want to protect. The specially infused granules and the easy shake container make Shake-Away the easiest to use rat repellent available. The power of the granules lasts for up to 90 days and they work in all weather conditions.

Safe - Completely organic and safe around your family, pets & plants

Shake-Away’s 100% all natural formula is powerful, yet is completely safe around your home. Used as instructed, the rat repellent granules will not harm you, your family, your pets, your plants or the rat you are targeting. Unlike harsh chemical repellents, Shake-Away can be applied in your garden right up to harvest time, or safely around your house at anytime.

All Natural - Uses rat's strongest repellent... FEAR!

Shake-Away’s powerful formula uses the strongest force in nature to control your rat problem: FEAR! Shake-Away’s granules are infused with the scent of the rat’s worst predator enemy. By sprinkling the granules around the area you want protected, you are telling the pest that the area has been claimed by the predator. The rat will be forced by natural instinct to avoid the treated area!

Guaranteed - If you don't see results, we refund the product price.

It’s this simple - use Shake-Away as directed for at least 2 weeks. If you don't experience improvements in repelling rat from your yard, garden or home, we will refund the Shake-Away product price for up to 120 days from date of purchase. Simply send us a copy of your invoice, your lid container and the reason you are requesting a refund.

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Best Choice For: Small Gardens and Flowerbeds. The 28.5oz container will put down a line of protection up to 855 feet long. Applying as instructed, this container will protect an area upto 20 by 42 feet for a month.

Best Choice For: Average size gardens flowerbeds & yards, The 4 lb size will put down a line of protection up to 2000 feet long. Applying as instructed, this container will protect an area up to 50 by 100 feet for a month.

Best Choice For: Large Gardens, Yards and flowerbeds. The 12 lb size will put down a line of protection up to 6000 feet long. Applying as instructed, this container will protect an area up to 200 by 400 feet for a month.

Best Choice For: "Hard to get to" area such as under buildings, attics, roofs, crawl spaces. Each Kit makes 15 stocking balls.
Once made, stocking balls can be tossed into "hard to get to" areas.

Over 2 Million Customers!

I’m Sure the Rats are Grateful Too

I had a problem with rats dining at my birdfeeders during the night. I regretfully used poison which worked, but the rats would resurface a couple of months later. I tried Shake-Away and it worked great! It’s been almost three months and still no sign of the rodents! It is so nice to be able to repel the unwanted critters without having to resort to killing them, which is something that I abhorred! Thanks so much for Shake-Away and I’m sure the rats are grateful too! Faye McGee – Fort Myers, FL  See More Testimonials

Consider Me a Loyal Customer

Recently, my husband and I were horrified to learn that roof rats had invaded our Victorian apartment. We located the main source of their entry: a hole in the wall where the water heater pipe enters the kitchen had been left unplugged by the installers. There are only a few options for getting rid of these creatures, most of them repellent in themselves. Thankfully, my research led me to Your Shake-Away granules arrived quickly, before we received the Rat Zapper 2000, so we spread it around where we’d seen rats, grateful that we didn’t have to worry about our old cat being harmed by it. We got the other rodent killing machine about a week later and set it out with bait, but has not been touched and we haven’t seen any rats in a week. Our belief is that the repellent we spread around discouraged these little devils from returning. I am ordering another bottle and intend to “golf ball” bomb the attic, where they must surely have originally gained access to the house. I no longer hear them scurrying across the attic floor (we live on the top floor of the house) and we intend to keep it that way. I have faith that your clever idea of using predatory urine-infused granules is working, and would only suggest that you keep a “reminder” contact list for folks like me so that I remember to re-order another bottle every few months. Diligence is part of the strategy for maintaining a rat-free environment. Thank you for providing us with this clever product. Consider me a loyal customer from now on! Zee Zeleski – Berkeley, CA   See More Testimonials

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