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Rabbit In My Garden/Flowerbed

Rabbit In My Yard/Landscape

Rabbit Under My House/Shed

Our Backyard Was Frequented By Cottontails
Our backyard, 50’ x 100’ was frequented by cottontails with droppings piling up all along the fence lines. We have chain link fence and chicken wires all around, still bunnies managed to get in and use our yard as their bathroom. We have 2 dogs that tend to eat bunny dropping and get sick so they lost out the use of the yard until we tried Fox Granules. We used to see dropping in the stretch of 150’ but after only 2 applications, that’s down to 20’. Because fox granules is not chemical hazardous to dogs, we can use this product without fearing for our dogs.
Lynne Edwards – Roseville, MN

Now My New Yard Has a Fighting Chance
We had just moved in to our newly built house, and I though all those little bunnies were cut…until I put the landscaping in! I was not pleased to find all the flowers nibbled off my perennials and my ornainenbal grasses nibbled to nothing. We always had bunnies during breakfast and dinnertime, but the very first day I used Shake-Away, there were no dinnertime visits-as a matter of fact, I didn’t see any rabbits at all for 3 days! Now my new yard has a fighting chance of growing beautiful plants.
Erin Radcliff – Elmhurst, IL

One Morning Last Spring I Walked Out To a Disaster
I am writing this on a lazy summer afternoon. I’m sitting on my deck with topper the wonder dog, and we’re enjoying “normal” wildlife in my naturalized backyard. This was not possible a year ago… I love to garden, and I love to nurture perennials that will attract birds and butterflies. One morning last spring I walked out to a disaster, half my back garden decimated! Devoured! Groundhogs were living under my neighbors shed, and they were the size of small ponies. Nothing stopped them, and all the advice I was given involved a gun, or slingshot, and one man offered to sit on my roof with a box and arrow! After an extensive web-search, I was thrilled to find your product. I use them all. There are no cats at my pond, and rabbits don’t ever go near the gardens. And yes…the groundhogs are back, but not in my yard
Joan Wenzel – Dover, OH

I Am Thrilled To Say Shake-Away Solved Our Problems!
We were having a huge problem with rabbits in our backyard. There were giant piles of scat under our swing set and in our high traffic areas as well as the unfrequented corners. Well, I am thrilled to say Shake-Away solved our problems!! Two weeks later and we are Scat free! Thanks for a great subtle product! No nasty smells for us, only for the rabbits!
Paula Gaylord – Albany, NY

The Rabbits Are Quite Bold
The wooded area abutting our backyard is home to several families of groundhogs, rabbits and squirrels. The squirrels and groundhogs tend to remain in and around our backyard. However, the rabbits are quite bold. They have routinely ventured into our front yard to sample the leaves of our wonderful Irises. Up until this spring, that is. After applying Shake-Away Small Critter repellent, our Irises have virtually gone unnoticed by the rabbits. The granules are long-lasting and provide excellent protection! I had to re-apply after a weekend of very heavy rains, but light-moderate rains does not warrant re-application (unlike spray repellents. I have already ordered my second canister to get me through the summer!
James Mullins – Hummelstown, PA

The Rabbits are Eating & Destroying My Backyard Grass
My Problem is rabbits eating and destroying my backyard grass. The “Small Critter” granules is doing a good job of keeping them away. Thanks!
Michael Tebben – Camarillo, CA

The Worst Summer of My Entire Life
This summer started off to be the worst summer of my entire life. I live in my backyard. It’s a release of stress location for me, until the rabbits came. We had a family of rabbits living next door. We tried everything on the market. Once I decided to go onto the internet and see if there was something else I can do. Thank goodness for Shake-Away! First the rabbits would come at a distance, and then I sprinkled some out in the yard. It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve seen the rabbits and my flowers are growing again!! I truly was going crazy until I found out about Shake-Away. I am telling everyone to try Shake-Away.
D. Pendleton – Aurora, IL

Come Spring Time the Rabbits are Epidemic
I have been looking for a product like yours for years. I live in a canyon with all kinds of wildlife behind and around us. We have foxes, skunks, raccoons, coyotes, snakes and who knows what else. I ordered your rabbit repellent. We have beautiful lawns during the winter, but come spring time the rabbits are epidemic. All of my neighbors have the same problem. I applied your product to the perimeter of my lawn per the instructions. In two days I noticed there were no new droppings on the cement and sidewalks. It has been almost ten days now and I don’t see the herd of rabbits that used to feast on my lawn at sunset. The product WORKS! I have shared your product information with no less than six of my neighbors. After seeing the results on my yard, and how the rabbits have increased in their yards, you can expect multiple orders from Country Vistas Lane in Bonita, Ca. Thanks for the help!
Peter Hayes – Bonita, CA

Thanks So Much for Our Simple Solution
We had rabbits in our yard daily and over the last two years we have replaced about $400 in landscaping due to the rabbits eating them. We live within the city limits and for some reason unknown to me the rabbits tend to always be in our yard causing damage. So I came across and though I’d give the small critter granules a try as I had nothing else to loose as the rabbits had killed most of the shrubs we had left. Well I’m writing this because this stuff works as advertised!!! Thanks so much for our simple solution to an irritating problem!
Dean Morhoff – Oregon, WI

We Even Had an Abundance of Babies
We have a fenced in back yard & as a result we had rabbits all over the back & front yard that were destroying all our landscaping. We even had an abundance of babies. We had heard about Shake-Away. So we ordered it. When we got it we sprinkled it along the perimeter of the fence and the front yard. We haven’t seen any rabbits again and I have just told my neighbors about your product. It’s a great product.
Betty Burns – Bolingbrook, IL

The Rabbits are no Longer Living in Our Yard
We were having problems with rabbits in our front and back yard – they were killing the grass! We noticed a difference even with the first application! The grass is growing back, and the rabbits are no longer living in our yard. Thank you!
Sandy Costanzo – San Diego, CA

Our Lawn Has Suffered Greatly
We’ve been having problems with tons of rabbits and our lawn has suffered greatly with lots of dead spots. This is due to the fact that our yard is not fenced and allows these critters to run freely, but after purchasing “Shake-Away Critter Repellent” we haven’t seen one rabbit. We are very pleased with the results and will recommend it to anyone.
Rene Berney – Riverside, CA

Nothing Worked Until We Discovered Shake-Away
Rabbits were coming through our fence and leaving their droppings in the backyard where our doggies play. My doggies would then find the droppings and try to eat it, if I didn’t find it all and get it cleaned up. We’ve tried moth balls, borax, etc. – nothing worked until we discovered Shake-Away. Problem solved – now I don’t have to worry about letting the dogs out to play in their own backyard. Thanks Shake-Away.
Carolyn Koukes – Haymarket, VA

The Rabbits Were Destroying Our Landscaping
We were having problems with rabbits destroying our landscaping. We came across the Critter Repellent web site during our web search for means for controlling rabbits. We decided to order Shake-Away for small critters to try to keep rabbits away from our yard. After sprinkling Shake-Away a couple of times, we saw definite signs that the rabbits were not browsing our yard any more and the damage to our plants was contained. Shake-Away seems to have worked.
Rajeev Rastogi – Naperville, IL

Thanks for a Simple Solution to an Irritating Problem!
We had rabbits in our yard daily and over the last two years we have replaced about $400 in landscaping due to the rabbits eating them. We live within the city limits and for some reason unknown to me the rabbits tend to always be in our yard causing damage. So I came across and thought I’d give the small critter granules a try as I had nothing else to loose as the rabbits had killed most of the shrubs we had left. Well I’m writing this because this stuff works as advertised!!! Thanks so much for your simple solution to an irritating problem!
Dean Morhoff – Oregon, WI

Rabbits Ravage Anything Green in the Desert
We recently moved from the Northeast to the desert southwest. We built our dream home with beautiful landscaping. There was only one problem and we had no idea - the rabbits ravage anything green in the desert! My beautiful landscaping was going quick! I went online and found and bought Shake-Away. After using it we say the rabbits leaving one by one. Shake-Away saved my plants and I continue to use it with great success. Thank you!
Stacey Warren – Gold Canyon, AZ

Looks Like I’ll Have a Lawn After All
Right after putting in a new sod lawn, the rabbits, showed up and began to enjoy the new grass. After trying many different repellents I finally used you Small Critter Fox Granules. Gradually, fewer and fewer rabbits showed up, (from 20 down to 2 or 3) and now I see them stop at the edge, and move on. Looks like I’ll have a lawn after all.
Art Chase – Sea Beach, CA

I Have No Signs of Rabbit Abuse in My Backyard
I live in Southern California where development has pushed the coyote further into the hills, therefore the rabbits are proliferating. I’ve used several products with minimal success until I found Shake-Away. My backyard had almost been destroyed before I started using this product. I replaced all of the sod and used Shake-Away, it has been over a month and I have no signs of rabbit abuse in my backyard. Thank you Shake-Away.
Larry Smith – San Clemente, CA

Finally… A Product That Works & Doesn’t Harm Rabbits  
Hi… I just wanted to let you know how great the Critter-Repellent is working. Within 5-6 days of using it, new grass is coming up in the bare spots the rabbits HAD BEEN eating. We were glad to finally find a product that works, without harming the little rabbits that come up to our neighborhood from the canyons around our home. Thank you for making such a good product and making it available over the internet. I LOVE to shop from home. Thanks again.
  Brady Barbara – San Diego, CA  

“Rabbit Hotel and Nursery” Now Officially Closed  
This spring started just like all the others. Rabbits came inside our 6 foot privacy fence to build their nests. Apparently, the fence serves as protection from wandering cats. We have tried any number of supposed solutions to this problem. Even our two large dogs served as no deterrent whatsoever! We used your product around the fence perimeter, and we have had no evidence of rabbits at all. No rabbits, and no telltale signs of nest digging. We are looking forward to using the product in our flowerbeds outside the fence, which were serving as fast food for the rabbits and babies. Thank you for helping us close the “Rabbit Hotel and Nursery.”  
Mountz Mary – Douglassville, PA

Shake-Away Brought Immediate Results & Our Dog Was Unharmed 
We had rabbits living under our deck, driving our dog crazy. We tried many other products and were ready to pull our hair out. We tried Shake-Away and immediately had results. We got our yard back, while not using anything that would harm our dog at the same time. 
Green Kelli – Charlotte, NC 

None of the Many Other Products I’ve Tried Are as Effective  
I moved into my house in Plainview, Long Island (a suburb of New York City) ten years ago. We had no problem with small critters until three years ago when rabbits began to invade the neighborhood. I went to local nurseries and to Home Depot where I purchased numerous products. None of them was very effective. Then a friend told me about Shake-Away and I bought some online.  
I was hopeful, but I didn’t expect too much. To my surprise Shake-Away Small Animal Repellent was very effective. Just yesterday I saw a rabbit run across the street toward my property, stop momentarily at the curb, and run off in the other direction. 
Holtzman Arnold – Plainview, NY

Always LOW Shipping Costs - BUY ANY 3 PRODUCTS & Shipping is FREE!

Best SIZE Choice For:

  • SMALL Gardens, Yards and Flowerbeds.
  • 28.5oz container will put down a line of protection up to 800 feet long
  • Applying as directed will protect an area up to 20 by 40 feet for up to a month. (6 applications)

Best SIZE Choice For:

  • AVERAGE Gardens, Yards and Flowerbeds.
  • 4lb size will put down a line of protection up to 2,000 feet long.
  • Applying as directed will protect an area up to 50 by 100 feet for up to a month. (6 applications)

Best SIZE Choice For:

  • LARGE Gardens, Yards and Flowerbeds.
  • 12lb size will put down a line of protection 6,000 feet long.
  • Applying as directed this container will protect an area up to 200 by 300 feet for up to a month.

Best SIZE Choice For:

  • "Hard to get to" area such as under buildings, attics, roofs, crawl spaces.
  • Each Kit makes 15 stocking balls.
  • Once made, stocking balls can be tossed into "hard to get to" areas.
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